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Show N Tell, Not Just Tell

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Remember when you were a kid in school, it wasn't called towel It was called show Intel. Anytime you can show something when giving a presentation and telling a story, all the better now if you have a prop, great if you're talking about how you search the world over for that perfect gemstone or that perfect bracelet neon now you haven't been show it by all means, but it doesn't have to be a physical object. If you want to talk about how you're talking to a small child, get down and bend down really low. If you're speaking to someone who's scaring you a big scary giant then make yourself a big scary giant. You don't have to go to acting school. You don't have to hire Meryl Streep, but use your body to show it.

If you're running away from someone because you're being attacked by bandits, then run at least three feet across the street. Are across the room where you're speaking, the more you show, instead of just having your lips move, the more memorable you'll be the more compelling and the greater impact you'll have on your audience.

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