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Your Comedy Laboratory

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If you want laughs remember so much of it is about trial and error experimentation. It's very hard to actually engineer something no is guaranteed to get a laugh. And that's why the greatest The greatest comedians in the world will tell you so much of their success is simply that they had the patience, the tenacity, the discipline, and sort of the the ability to withstand pain. After getting up night after night, sometimes for two years, and getting booed off stages, getting one laugh in 10 minutes or two laughs in 20 minutes. And it's this painstaking process of figuring out what works. Keep it what doesn't work.

Throw it away. Doing it again and again and again. Now as a storyteller, the standards for you are lower than if you're a stand up comedian. If you're standing up comedian, the audience is sitting there thinking you better make me laugh every five seconds or I'm going to get angry and throw rotten vegetables at you. If you are a business person in a professional setting and telling a story. If you can get just a handful of laughs throughout 20 minutes, 30 minutes of a presentation.

Your audience is going to love you. They're going to hear far and away the best presenter they've seen all day, maybe all week, maybe ever. So that's the good news. It just a few little laughs will make your presentation so much better. But in order to get those, you can use the comedian's discipline of trying things. Keeping it when it works.

Getting rid of it when it doesn't work.

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