Chinese Money

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Okay, so this character here we saw it earlier in this lesson as an example for a foreign idea part, the meaning of that word was crowd it had three people basically standing together and that meant crowd or audience. And inside this character there are three of the same character. It's the same character and it's it's this characterize hills put it here instead. Your Jen, Jen, Jen, we pronounce it like and it means a poster you say it looks like a person without, without without arms simply and that means person or man as a new man, human. So it can mean woman or man as well just person in general. It looks like a man again, walking with no arms.

It's pronounced like I just said it. Jen, Jen, Jen. And if you know that Chinese currency now RMB RMB we say in English, but that actually derives from the Chinese pinion. The Chinese abbreviate abbreviated for form renminbi run. There stands for people it's the oh they are there. I should say stands for people to the people's money basically, Oh wonderful.

So renminbi every time you see the RMB. You can you can think of the first RS version, and that represents people. And that's a good way to remember it by now. As soon as we learn something, I want us to start using it as well. So let's learn how to refer to someone like, like this guy. If a person has a has a bit of thicker white skin, what would we call these people in Chinese then Hmm, how do you think now?

It's just two characters, and you already know, both of them actually. So good luck.

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