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Ah, ah. So now we're going to learn this word or this character it means to hit. Why then why do we want to learn this character? One, because it's, it's useful, because we can actually use this hit as the verb for many, many things. For instance, when you call someone, when you play sports, and all of these things you say you just simply say, I hit basketball, and I hit my phone when I call you, and many, many other examples that you'll find out later in this course. Number two, then the reason Reason number two, is because it connects the pieces that we've just just learned, just not.

So the character looks like, looks like this. You see it's squished hand, and also nail squished hand and nail. The pronunciation is da, da, da. And I think it's a bit inspired from thing thing, the same D in the beginning, but the rest doesn't look very similar but Still helps you a little bit there, I think. So, da da, it means to hit something, I think both parts are involved in this and this acids is as idea parts. We both have hand and we have a nail.

And both these both of these things you do and the thing that you do with these things is that you hit them with your hand, you hit nails simply. So this is our second verb now, and we'll start using it in the next lesson to start making beautiful sentences to hit the dot how exciting fantastic. Bye bye for now.

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