How to Learn New Characters

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Let's add one more character. Now, it looks like this. So it's really just a mouth with a one through it. If we break them down, it's good enough for the memory to break things down because it helps helps us see the smaller parts. Otherwise, it'll just look like a big big mess and we won't remember it as easy. Now this character is pronounced.

Ours are always a bit weird sounding in Chinese. Try to imitate that. The character now means son also means day actually, remember how a character usually has a broader or more general meaning. So this one here can be both sun and day actually, they stand for the same thing, sort of when the sun is up, it's a new day or it's quite beautiful. I think actually, I'll show you loads more examples of how Chinese is beautiful throughout this course as well. What we do know is let's focus on this one again.

You write the character like This. So you start from the left and go to the right, you start from the top and you go to what's the bottom. Let me show you how to use this one as well. So remember, this character looks like this. It means son or it means a day, and it's pronounced. a funny way to help you remember this one, by by the way is how I think of it at least or how I used to think of it is, is think of it, think of it Think of it like a window.

And through the window, it looks like a window, the whole character through the window, you can see a sudden, so there we go. That was a son. This character means something. It looks like a window. Wonderful. Let's see how we can use it.

So here we have sewn or it means What day? Yeah, so here probably one one day. Yes. And here we have ear again. So it's one day, and here we have one. So two days.

And here's the trick. So yo yo, it's a one day trip. Yes, it's a one day trip and it's a two day Trip

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