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Alright guys, this is beginning of lesson two and it looks like this. No, it looks like this. So let me cancel out the sound there. It's a drop. So simply or dot translated to hit.or yeah.or drop. Okay, and then we Why did we learn that?

Well, we can because we get added on to the bottom part, it's important that we start recognizing the parts now because we reuse them, we recycle them a lot in journeys, more so than in any other language. It's beautiful, and it's easy. Okay, and that is going to give us white. Yeah, that's it. And then we can actually use and that's pronounced by by the way by and that one will give us a bye bye bye bye for this one. But in the well this is actually yeah, slang for goodbye later on.

It's going to mean for nothing or something in vain as well. Okay, here we have bye. Bye here. And that is what is that that knows white plus a day. So White Day. Yeah.

White Day. Wonderful and We have a buddy. And now we have the same bottom part. So again, recycling a character just learned the last latest character that we learned. However, we're adding a little one little line there on the top. And that now it doesn't mean white anymore.

It means 100 100 Okay, so then we get Eb, Eb, and this is then the way to say 100 because you got just 100 units it 100 like 100 or 200, etc. Okay, so that is 100 200 Oh by, then we get some back as well. So we can count to 123, we can also count from 100 to 300. Okay, then we have Haha, and this is interesting because now it gives us the the idea part. The idea part is carrot part of the character that hints what the meaning is. In this case, the idea is a mouth and you'll learn later on you'll get used to this one and you'll see this one a lot because Malthus obviously it was a constant obviously in this case because it's very new to you but it's involved.

Every time you use a mouth The idea here is that you shout Oh, sorry, you laughing. So yeah, you using it there every time you call someone or you shout, or you cry, or not actually not crying. We're not crying necessarily, but at least shouting and calling someone something. And whispering and all of those things talking as well. All of those were characters later on, we're going to learn them, but you're going to see that most of them have a little mouth. Okay, and that's right.

And that is pronounced haha. And on a matter they are no matter pa for laughing. I hate that word. Okay. And this one looks like a person it looks a little sounds like a person origin just like that. And then we have Biden, which is a white person, like one of me.

And then we have a gender and then this is interesting. We take one character, we take it again, and that all of a sudden gives us everyone. Very useful. Okay. And then we have a call that person and then going into a place so or Yeah, an exit Entrance because cold meaning mouth can also mean entrance or exit. So in this case, it's a population because we go into a place and then then the people going into that place for they constitute the population of that place population.

Wonderful. And we can actually stop there. You've been wonderful.

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