Chinese Slang

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So I'm really proud of this course, because we've been able to do something that I needed when I studied Chinese in the beginning, a lot of Chinese slang, and they're all up to date as well as Chinese slang old, mainly based on English, and numbers. And we'll do exactly that right now. So here's your first word. And already at this point, you can learn some slang. And in Chinese conversations, at the end of them, especially, you will see this little thing. What is that a three and then a Q.

So a three we know how that is pronounced in Chinese. It's pronounced son, son, son. Okay. And what's funny about Chinese now is that they don't have the pronunciation t it's like a list, like thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Instead, they would have done because that would be the closest way to pronounce Thank you. So instead of saying Fang, they say son, son, son, and how do we say q then you that knew them? Well, we just add a little q just the letter Q as we can see right here. So sung and then Q. And that is actually the Chinese were Mind you, slang way the internet's way of saying thank you stop saying it like this at the end of every message and Chinese people will stop under estimating your Chinese already at this point. start saying thank you stop finishing messages with thank you and it'll be fantastic, huh?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thanks. It works. It works. It really works. Thank you.

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