国王 or 王国

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So here's something really important. Now, let's just stop for a second and go through this. Let's go back to one for a second. If you just put one right there and say, oh, it means a cake. People might think you mean, me. People might think that you mean Oh, you mean a king?

Or do you mean a person? It's a bit difficult. It's a bit ambiguous what you're actually trying to say here. If you actually want to say a king, though, you need to say Go Go on, go on go meaning country. So country King, literally then. Now, you might ask yourself, hmm, if you could also write one goal, one goal as in just flipping the two characters, it doesn't matter where we put characters in which order.

And this is a very important question that I would like to address right now, that this is very important, and that's all I need to say. I'll also explain how and why not. This applies to any word in Chinese as well. And you can think of it in English as well. I guess. The word that you end with is is going to be telling the main information in the word So long if we say go one, it's actually a country, and then it's a king.

So it's a country King. It's a king of a country, the character that ends with is the most important thing. In this case, it's one. So it's a sort of a king. It's a golang. It's a country King.

So that is the way to say a king. If you just say one, people might just think that you're talking about your friend called one. So it's a king and the beginning you have, you have one and you have Sorry, go one. If you save it, now you have one goal. So you flicked it now and now the goal of the country is in front. So now it means a king country.

So a king dumb. Oh, keep this in mind now, because it'll help you a lot with the future with the characters now in the future as well. And that is incorrect. And that is all I have to say. Bye for now.

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