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Next up, you'll learn how to say population, not the most useful word. But what's often the most important is the journey. And that's also the case here, we'll take two characters now that we already know, and learn how to say population. That way, we won't only learn a new word, but also consolidate our understanding of the two characters that were used, that we use in these in this in this character now, or in this word, sorry. And so that way we're reviewing and, again, that is the journey and that's also what's important. So when I fade out now slowly, see, I'm sort of fading now.

I want you to think of which two characters you think we might use when we want to say population how to think. So you have to expand your imagination a lot. Now, when you study Chinese, you look at characters and they're not English words anymore. characters can be extended. Thank you. For the gestures can be extended a means can mean more than just one thing, which they would usually do in English.

Mm hmm. So The word now is population. And if we look at the word run, it's going to have to do with people in general. And so every time we have something to do with people, we use it every time we have something to do with an opening door, or actually even country, we're going to use coal. Because it's an entrance to somewhere maybe into a country. So the word population is water is also man or people plus mouth, your mouth.

So it means mouth means door or in this case has to do with a country. So again, extend your imagination expanded a little bit, and Chinese will be much easier for you to see population population. Yes. Wonderful. And this is the Renko. Wall.

Yes. That's part of our population will be your uncle, your uncle. Oh, look at it.

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