Middle Country

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Hey guys, so what we have is we just don't have say America and I will not say England. So we have May, that's also going to be very used as an adjective in a bit actually. And, and also now if you want to learn your own nationality, then go to the PDF and download that you'll be able to find it somewhere. There is what's really funny now is if you're in Europe, this is what we want to get to know, if we're in Europe, Europe is going to be in the middle. If you look at a map, if you're in America, America is going to be in the middle. If you look at a map, if you're in China, if you're in Asia, China's going to be in the middle.

So what if we don't want to give ourselves the best label calling ourselves the beautiful country? Well, then what are we going to call ourselves? I would say, call ourselves the middle country because we're in charge of everyone else. We all do not say middle we can see that right there. And we see God right there. So let's call ourselves the middle country, and that in English would just be China.

In Chinese though, it sounds like jungle Beautiful. And here, again we have a sign we'll see science. If you're in China, then you're very fortunate. You can see signs of this everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. So again, middle country, China because it exists in the middle

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