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Okay, moving on to lesson three now it starts like this just a little stick there. And and yeah, it's a line it calls it there. And then we have to come and now we take mouth we stick the stick through it. And that's what I'm told and it means a middle among, but later on is going to mean China as well. So we can start start with john drums. So in the middle of the person and note here that we start with john because it's person then it's in the middle of him so their own drum if you flip these two characters mean something completely different, it mean the person in the middle.

Okay, and then we have one, this simply looks like actually, it looks like someone be stretching on outstretched arms something but it also has 123 so it's got the character for three and then the stick through it. And that means King wonderful. It's also a common surname as you can see. Wonderful. Okay, now we have and this is Jade also radical We're not going to talk too much about radicals because it's a very strict system what is a radical and what is not and I just want to call all of them building blocks because we keep building on them like I mentioned earlier we recycle them okay and then we have gore and this is a country or a state or a nation and now we have we have the mouth around it so again the mouth referring to before in the last lesson mouth refer to junk or like population and that's to do with a country doesn't it?

Now the ear the mouth has to do with a popular nation again because it looks like a king in the middle it's actually Jade King defending something and that will be the jade stone maybe inside this country. There's a lot of Jade stones in China hence why we get country and then we just put gold at the end of something like Mei Mei means beautiful. And then we get made for the United States of America. I forgot to actually give you the character me here. And what we've broken that down in the lesson earlier anyways, so yeah, and then we have the next character which is eating eating This looks like a man like a heavyweight heavyweight lift or something like that. And it means hero actually, but it also means England, and looks like that.

And then we put it together with country. And we get Britain or England actually journey people don't really know the difference between these two. So yeah, that's huge. If you go I'm from Scotland, they go, Oh, you're from England. I'm sorry. And they are too.

Yeah, that's it. Okay, and then we moved on to. I didn't miss anything though. Elbow one. So this is country, King. So this is a king of a country.

And it's important where we put the characters here, I've mentioned it before, and mentioning it again now. And now I'm actually giving you an example as well, a very good example. Because if you flip them, this is not a king. However, if you flip them now it's a country. So it's a king country, but it's defined by its King. So it's a kingdom or realm.

Wonderful. Then we have gone gone as well. Tyner middle country, I think that's quite beautiful. And then what we do is we just put a run at the end of the Low Countries. And then we get a person from the country. So a Chinese person, Chinese person, Congo and Congo and wonderful, we have England as a British person we have made it and that is an American person, person from the wish.

Perfect, perfect. And then we have shoe, which is our Yeah, if I'm not mistaken here, it's our first verb in Chinese wonderful. And this one means to be is our or I'm also in past tense. We'll talk more about that later. And so it's the sun all day on the top, and then in the bottom, we'll talk more about that later. It looks like the character for stop, which we'll talk about later as I just said, okay, but basically be and then we have this looks like a nail.

It's pronounced Ding, and look like yeah, you see nail here. It does, however, officially means a lot of other things. But I just want To pay attention to this, actually anything t shape later on like a, like a T shaped intersection, we'll be using the thing character as well. And then we can actually form a very simple word, which is ding ding. Hopefully we don't get sued for trademark. Or do you call it infringement here?

We, because we're using his name, but it's thinking, I think that's quite, quite easy. I don't know why there's the capital T there anyways, is quite easy to relate to. So Ding, ding, ding, ding, didn't it. Okay. And then we have inflammation. This is speech or inflammation.

Basically, we'll see it on the on the left side, mostly, of many, many characters. Here we go. This is a thing. Actually, if you allow me. I'll go back now to when we learnt one of our first characters, this one. This was shisha.

And you see on the left side here, we actually see the information a lot because I guess, if you're civilized, if you're informed, if you're informed society will thank people, if you're not informed, not civilized, not educated. You will not okay there and now we have it again here witness lesson and now it means now It means to book something. So you nail it down, hence the pronunciation. And then we get the pronounced sound partners all agree upon a lot here to write in. I will just simply say to book as it says here to reserve something as all you can say, Okay, and then we have a hand looks like that. And then we can say secondhand, secondhand also Yes, sister You can somehow say as well I guess.

This here is the squished hand, hand but the squished hands so it's a building block. And then we have our and this is to hit No, it's very interesting because now we get nail and on the left side we get the squished hands so it's 100 plus a nail. We get the pronunciation I guess from the from the nail because it's pronounced da and it means to hit but also like to play at the top Many, many other things as well think it makes sort of makes sense it because we use a hand and a nail, what do you do with those two things when you combine them while you've clearly hit things with them. Okay, and now it's the last character. This one here, the left side his hand, however, it looks a bit weird, the squish times. So the same squish time that we saw here.

However, I could just argue that it looks like hand, just this hand as well like the the adult version of the larger version of that character. Because it's got three lines there. You can, you can, you can think of it however you'd like just so long as you remember it. And then the right part, we're not going to see much of so just go ahead and just put that into this character and learn like that. Okay, that's pronounced by and it actually means to worship to pay respect, many other things. And this is quite a complex character.

However, we're also going to use it to just say bye bye. Or say goodbye. And that's it from this This

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