We Exist through the Sun

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Hello, hello. Hello, hello. Hello. So, and what we have is we have a country in a way otherwise at the end, we are done at the end. That's all we have to do. And then we have the country of that.

Let me rephrase first the country, we are the person of that country. Yeah, let's give some examples. We have China jongwan. And then if it's a Chinese person we say, john boy, yeah, yeah, so Chinese president john Gordon, and an English person in Korean. It's very easy. What about a beautiful person?

Oh, man. Oh, because there's obviously a beautiful country and American is a me golden. Three together now. Okay. Joe Yan in Korean. Fantastic.

Great. So now we know that again, learn your own country now. And just as Run at the end. Now we'll learn how to say I'm from all these countries is all exciting, isn't it? To do that we need a verb though. So we'll get there.

Now, how do you say to be the I am from this country I am. To be or not to be and time for something really, really useful. This next characters? Sure, sure, sure. And what we can see on top here is, we can see the little the little son. And also that's why we have a little son here.

And beneath though we have what do we have there? We have this little character and then this and this, and this and this. This is a bit new. It's very new actually. And most likely, but let's not make it complicated. Let's just look at it and say what it looks like.

I think it looks like a foot. So what we have is we have a son and a foot. we pronounce it again we pronounce it. Sure, sure, sure. And it's so useful. This one because one of the reasons it's because it's going to Your first verb and verbs are very, very important to build a language on.

But especially this one is important because it means to be look a lot. And in brackets underneath, I'd like to write a few other things. Because Chinese characters can't really be conjugated conjugated meaning to be can be conjugated to I am or U, r, or s, or even where or what is in past tense. And we can do that in other languages when we have letters to work with. But here we don't. So sure it will simply be to be and all of these guys as well, which is lovely.

So now that we have a few pronouns, and this is actually our first little verb, and we can actually start building sentences for the first time ever fantastic, is it not? And what about saying, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama is American. Obama is American. Can you tell me that phrase, and I'd be immensely proud of you.

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