Story Time with Wang

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That is me celebrating. That is because you deserve a celebration. You've done only a few hours now, but you're already about to read a complete text and complete story in Chinese. Fantastic, fantastic. What's important now is not that you're able to speak or read Chinese fluently after just an hour or two. That's barely that's almost impossible.

Instead, what's important is that you are able to understand Chinese and your foundation is already laid out. So with this foundation will start building quicker one because we know how to build. And the second thing is because we can use the things we've built on. So the farther we go, the more tools we have, the more pieces of Lego we have, and the quicker we can build, which is fantastic. And I can tell you that after only 100 hours in this course, we'll actually already be able to start speaking completely in Chinese. I'll be giving you instructions completely in Chinese Fantastic, isn't it?

Okay, so what we'll do now is I'll just go ahead and leave you over to me again, but in another format. So you'll read a story now, I hope you're excited. Good luck. Hello. Hello. Welcome to so time.

Well, this is chapter one, chapter one. What about one? What about war? Let us tell you a few things about storytime. And you've studied four lessons, we will sum that up into a chapter. We'll call it chapter one.

Now, the next four lessons will be chapter two. And in it in each chapter, we will use the vocab that we've picked up recently from these last four lessons. So now, you are supposed to be able to recognize all the words in this chapter one, and then we'll make a story out of it. We have a main character, what's his name? Wow. means many things in English means king in Chinese and that's what you're going to go by one hand.

So what about one is the name of this chapter? Next chapter will also be about one. And do you think we should get started now? Yes. Okay, our suffers. Wang Shu buscher may Guodian all one is not is is not as a Korean American.

Also you're asking here, do you recognize this sugar sugar? Isn't it or is it not like this? So we're asking what are we asking? is white American always American is or is he not American that Shakespeare question and I answered, we're sure not correct or not is he is not negating your statement. Or your question. One shoe in more than one is Englishman one is an Englishman, Boucher one shoe England Oh, and you say, Oh Ha ha, ha ha.

A lack of other responses you say all which means means nothing actually it just means Oh, just like in English or or under haha and that's difficult to understand what does it mean on these haha that's it as you say oh haha you can say that in any conversation and especially if you're bored so when you talk to boys on the internet with your phone do you say all a ha ha ha a lot? Yes I do yes you do especially when I talk to you especially when you talk to me thank you for not so yeah girls and boys if you bought on the internet talking to someone you just go Oh, haha. You don't know what else to say. And then we continue I say I say long been make Warren da England so it's one and he's helping bond to help one bond so one help one helps.

One helps Americans hit down or fight or punch to fight with English people all this a one British Why is helping? Why is he helping? I guess he's some sort of a spy. We try to work this story up as soon as we could, and try to use all the words in corporate all the words that we've learned. We obviously need to use the word in some context. And this was the best one.

So why is a spy and he's working for Americans. He's working for the Americans. And he hits his own people he fights with him, and then see see what your responses then. Oh, haha, bye bye. Very interesting conversations like action movies. And so yeah, you went or haha again and then you added bye bye bye bye.

And what does that mean? Again? I forgot by the means but it means boy. Yeah, boy. Good. Goodbye.

Fantastic. So let's read the whole thing in English quickly. And then in Chinese quickly. So you go you asked me, Americans fantastic. I go. No, he's not easy English.

Oh, Ha ha ha one helps Americans and fight with English people oh haha by and you said the English but in Chinese as well and so let's do this in Chinese now already at one quick time and that will be enough actually you ready? Yes I'm ready to one shoe shoe make Warren Boucher one shoe in garland. oh haha one bone make Warren Ingram. oh haha bye bye bye bye fantastic little applause here so you've read this entire text and that's beautiful It's taken you What is it only two hours to two hours now you can already read this I hope you feel fantastic you should be yes about yourself. Next chapter will be even longer because obviously in that chapter two then we'll use everything from chapter one all the words from lesson one to four but also from five to eight or So eight lessons there.

And then so exponentially here we will see all the chapters and growing and growing and growing. So I think in the next chapter we might even have two pages to look forward to all so read this one on the metronome show it to everyone and say there's only took me two hours hashtag don't know Chinese, Chinese. Yes. And we would be very, very thankful and we would not die you thank you for that. Do we have any last beautiful words on Bye bye. oh haha, bye bye

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