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Okay, so less than that for now. Very exciting indeed. We'll start with this one. It's a little dagger It looks like a small little sword or something. And yeah, here in this case, it means officially means shooter arrow. However, we're not going to use it very much.

I just thought let's give it to you as simple as possible. So it looks like what it is. Let's attack then we add one more line and we get what do we get here then? Well, we get I think it's good to see Lance or dagger x simply a bigger, bigger knife. Sorry, I just switched to this instead. It's another it's another flashcard set.

It's got the same content it just looks a little bit better and it's giving you the pinion as well. Okay, so yeah, and we can go through here and hit New pronunciation for these ones. Not important however now we get left handers are so the Left, left side we have a hand and then we have actually this right part is this one, which is a little Lancer, the x. And this is the character for waffle meal. I. It's wonderful.

It's wonderful. Now we can actually say a longer sentence, using using only Chinese characters saying, I am tall. I am English wonderful. I'm British actually, what that thing being we can also I hit ding ding I punch him and punch him in the face. And now we have or, or or depending on the situation. Again, he had no it's a brilliant, brilliant example of how we can use of how we can use this little mouth.

Vertical or month building block on the left isn't as an idea pot. Because the idea here is that you use your mouth here. When you say Oh, when you slip exclaimed something simply wonderful. So that means Oh, and now we have bought and that is, ya know, anytime we get something, we'll use that one. And now we have shisha again. Why is that?

What because ship is in beta, we'd say You're welcome. You're welcome. No, thank you literally. Okay. Well, sure, for sure. would be a no to be not incorrect.

Wonderful. And so that's the opposite of ship. Because, yeah, sure, like this. Chanel can also mean correct, like I mentioned as well, hence why Sure. To mean not correct is incorrect. Sure, sure.

Is the Shakespeare question. We introduced a Shakespeare question here. Should we true means is it or is not. This one here means is it or is it not? Sure? Sure.

Sure. Sure. Wonderful. Now it's a wash Tom Gordon. I am Chinese because they want to make work. Now there's just loads of examples which you can practice on your own.

I'm not American washer. I am I am English. Am I am I British? Sorry. And now we have the food. Food.

Vatukoula building block. In this one Yeah, like that. I'm calling It'd be here because that's my own term to call it a building block by. We have a and this is quite funny. Now we have the same idea on the right side. That gives us sound.

It's not whining words, but it quite similar anyways, the idea is that using food because you hungry, wonderful, not as hungry. Oh boy, we can ask. Are you hungry? Yeah, is a wonderful, brilliant character. We'll break it down later on, but it's so necessary for you know, it's just no. Yo means to want.

Yellow means to want. We are means to not want not want. Now we can form the shape of your question. We could say Yum, yum, yum. Do you want it? Do you want it or not?

Now we could say chocolate chocolate. And that means Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate chocolate. It's a Chinese. It's a borrowed word from English. That's why it sounds so funny. And three characters are quite difficult but I thought the word is funny enough, funny enough fun enough for you to have to learn.

We are Hockley so I want chocolate awesome this should be a fourth tone. Now we have a cafe as well. And this is the second car loan loan yeah loan word from English cafe means coffee as you can imagine. And now we have this one. By the way, I don't want you to focus too much on the character however if you do characters later on will be super easy for you. Okay, now we have been also a fairly typical characters therefore, therefore I put the little Asterix here.

Remember what that is for please hashtag us if you've seen it before, Asterix is if you will, the little star one here. If you don't recommend if you're not supposed to recognize all the different parts, okay? Bang means to help someone. Help. So when you ask someone, can you help me use a bumblebee, Bumblebee, Bumblebee help. And now we have one and no note here.

Now that we have the hashtag here because we've seen it before. Brilliant. And then that oh sorry. This is actually level Less than less than five. We can stop here. Sorry I just got carried away.

They're brilliant.

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