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If you want to learn more about us I'd suggest taking a look at our most recent success story of how a Domino student was able to learn Chinese in only 9 weeks:

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Here are student reviews and more success stories!

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Or if you want to know more about who and what is behind domino I'd recommend

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Hey, reporting from China, I want you to see this because if you're in China, and if you speak Chinese, this will happen. China will happen. I hope you can hear me, I want to show you this from China from what's beautiful in China. Also, what I want to say is, regardless of how you find this website now, regardless of if, say you're a student of Chinese already, say you're a random person that didn't know why you came to this website, say you're somebody doing business and trying to find a good reason to learn Chinese so that you can increase your income maybe, but regardless, I have this background. All I'm asking for you now is say we skip Now this next Friday, we just hit movie night, which will take about two hours. Two hours is also the length of this course.

So skip Movie Night, this next Friday, that gives you two hours, and commit those two hours to this course completely for free. Again, as I said, commit those two hours and do the rest of this course. And that's all I'm asking for you. And I've quite sure that at the end of this course you'll be enough, you'll be convinced enough to want to continue, because I will. I will explain Chinese to you in a completely different way. They'll make you understand the Chinese is not difficult, like everyone's told you.

So that's all I want from you two hours. And that's all I want from your time and hope I can get that. If so, thank you and I'll see you in the next lesson. I have to go back to rafting because I'm losing control. See you in a bit. Bye bye.

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