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You can see me here instructing the little kids on saying, and this is the word that we'll study next. Isn't it beautiful? Now, this word means Chinese person, Google. And let's break it down a little bit. It's actually super simple. First, you say the place.

In this case, it's a country, but it can also be your country. It can be any country. And it can also be a city. And then you say, isn't just like a person. So don't want a place position, and it becomes a person of that place. So China, person, Chinese person, or Chinese simply don't go run means Chinese person.

If you want to say that you are Beijing, but you're a Beijing person. You just say the place so it's Beijing and then person Beijing run. So you put the run after the place and then Have a person from that place you can do it with your own country as well. So we have Tanga Tanga origin we have Beijing Beijing region wonderful. It works with any other country as well like I just said, and now you can hear on in this video here. She'll be saying it as well.

Good luck on the stage is yours ma bye whoa whoa oh

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