Eating Food in Chinese

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This is what happens when you describe yourself as a sweetest person. They will say, oh, oh, Sweden Ibrahimovic Oh yeah, yeah, you play football. And here I am sitting at my local little place. We what's really nice here is that we eat it together from one place. So it's really like a family feeling customer. They all like we're all very happy.

I want to show you here though. If we, if we, if we Okay, so what would we take something and we put it in our mouth, we can put one mouth there. So it's one mouth, we fill it up with one most simply. So this is one mouth. Ah. That's one mouth equal.

It also means a mouth full. So that makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? equal? Kiko equals a lot Excellent. Excellent. So later on, we'll learn the word to eat as in True, true.

And often you'll hear a mom telling her kid to trickle trickle trickle, just eat one mouth that would refer to. So this would be a mouthful, and this is how you can use it as well. So we'll study it a little bit later on. We don't know enough words for it, just know. But it'll be very exciting later on what we learn true for real. But more important is that we just learned our first word.

So two characters formed a little two character, word or word simply equal. Cool. Thanks.

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