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In other words per person that's done, but we write it twice. And then This is by the way, how you use Chinese. If you want to write websites, you can't just write Chinese characters, you use pinyon. Again, what we do then is we get to this website. So it's a bit zoomed in here, I do not know I do not know why.

There we go. This we can see two characters here. And then one. One here means a little website actually. Wonderful. And if you want to, you can sign up here, what I'm what I'm going to do is tell you what this rendering means.

If we collect one person, and then we collect one more person, we want to simply say all the people who we could say that person, that person, that person, that person, but that gets a bit tedious. So instead, we just repeated once, person and person. And this you'll see Chinese comes back to this a lot. It every time it repeats itself. It means all of the things, all of these things, and if it repeats a person, it means all of the people or all of the vision all of the person, gender Run Run means everyone simply wonderful. We have this website, this website to thank for it.

This website, by the way is actually the copycat of Facebook. And because Chinese in China Facebook is blocked if you're not aware, and then because you can make money on the road and you don't want media to stream through everywhere, so instead you make your own thing and you you control all of it. Wonderful. So Ranjan helped us with that. Thank you very much China for creating your own things. Everyone, gentlemen

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