Shakespeare's Questions

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Yes, we just learnt boo and then share who said this meant no thanks. It doesn't mean no thanks as in I don't want this it just means no. We can call it No need to. No need to thank No need to Thanks. No need to thanks. We'll sit okay so what this gave us was first book and then whatever follows is whatever we're negating.

So if if someone is asking us Are you Chinese or answer then could be could be that we are but if assuming it's not then it's not we just simply answer or we can go with alongside that we can say I not Chinese starts start long and then we can break it down at war. Let's say I am so start as simple as possible. I I'm Chinese would be war should come Korean War should on Korean. But then when we add is Yeah, we would add it right here. What bullshit, john Gordon. This is the long way to answer Sir, but it gets a bit tedious if you want to answer like this all the time.

Instead, if you can do so I'm not, or a little bit shorter even if I'm not or just a not simply. So this is the way to answer it then not. Whenever, whenever someone is asking you look for the verb now look for the verb in the sentence. So are you. And then this is very interesting because Chinese doesn't really reply with yes or no, they just sort of, they just look for the verb in the sentence and then they answer with bow, plus that verb or just that verb. So are you then you say, not not an lumps on basically not are it's the same shoe for everything, and not as a bullshitter?

Bullshit. But if you are not, you just say sure. And that's just that simple. Remember that that's something that my students tend to forget a lot because it's not an English thing at all. If I asked you, for instance, we've gone through this example before but asking you for instance, if you're hungry, my question is hungry, not hungry. If we literally say the same thing, English, not hungry, not hungry, then you would say hungry or you would say not hungry?

Do you like me? Then the question is like so you'd say not like or you say like, so remember, that's simply how we answer questions in Chinese. So this was a short but a very, very comprehensive video. And hopefully you were able to absorb all the information Are you Chinese simply brochure or shoe And just to be clear, what we are asking them is shoe busha in this case, and this will refer to as the as the, the Shakespeare question. So whenever I say the Shakespeare question, this is what I mean I mean, a negation of something hungry, not hungry, and like not like, I'm not I'm, etc. So next video, and we'll say I am Chinese.

I think this is a quite a simple question for you, and judging on how much you performed so how well you've performed so far, but just tell me how to say I am Chinese, which is just About to say now

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