Borrowing Sticks

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So we've just learned the word stick. And also that gave us middle, which was pronounced. Very, very useful character. You'll find out why in a few in one lesson for now, I think actually, yeah. And one lesson from now you'll find out why this drawing is very useful, but also just very reoccurring in the entire course. So let's use this one tool.

So let's learn from this means filter might be a word that you've not heard before, in English, it's not the most useful or not the most necessary word. But what it does is that it's if you understand this word, now, it means that you understand our Chinese works. And you can break both characters down because what, what this word consists of is two very important characters. So let's look at it Jen is a person, and in this case on and then we have true is in the middle of her. So we have it's not the body, it's actually the head that constitutes on as a person, and then it's not the nose. It's actually this point here, and it's a part of Chinese medicine and cultural law.

This has Have lots of nerve endings there. So if you press there, many things will happen to your body. Basically, we'll go through that more in detail in another lesson. But basically, this point is your what's your intro? Yes, it's usually it's called the philtrum. And what's important now is learn this word, but then you can also break it down.

So run, it's very important. What isn't even important word more important word. And so if you forget, if you forget what random means, it's because you forgotten one of these words, and that's not a good sign. So remember, philtrum until it's all your friends, and you will know Chinese. Okay? Okay.

Bye. Bye. Bye bye. She was supposed to say What? Don't objectify me, but she never did. Because she was just supposed to be quiet throughout this entire video.

Don't objectify me. And that was the last word in this lesson. Do I really need to applaud? What do you do you understand how great you are already. Don't forget to go to the lesson. Sign up now.

To finish the lesson so that you can review what you've just learned in and get sort of a like a sort of like a bigger picture. Great job again. See, I'm applauding automatically just because you are great. Simply be proud of yourself now and leave my classroom. You already have more valuable knowledge than I sort of did after I think I think even half a year in China. so beautiful and so valuable.

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