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Who are you? And who am I? Wonderful. This is Domino Chinese. And behind us we have China slash great a wall, a Great Wall of China. Yes.

And so throughout this course, I will take you to all the different places in China will introduce them to you like a guided tour. And we'll also show you loads of other videos inside outdoor ones as well, to get you to taste as much of China and Chinese as possible. So let's get to it. Then. In this course, by the way, we'll learn everything from written Chinese to spoken Chinese, everything you'll ever need in Chinese. Yeah.

Wonderful. So where do we start them? Well, the first character is number one. It looks like just a line. Hey, very simple. Yes, there we go.

So we can also call Chinese a pictographic language. It's basically built on pictures. So it's very easy, just like you said, Thank you very much. And the idea is well, that we call ourselves dominant comes from the fact that Chinese works like dominoes we've built on on like Domino bricks. So enough This character now is going to build the building block number one is going to be a building block. And number two, we can learn it here it comes in here.

Look at that. Yeah, two lines. There we go. It's two lines. Beautiful. So one looks like one, two looks like two.

And our next question is, what is the next question? Wow, what does number three look like? What does number three look like? At the end of our videos, we prefer to ask you questions that are telling you everything instead of instead of spoiling, spoiling you like a little kid. So yes, what does number three look like? What do you think?

Think think think think think think? Think? Think?

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