One of Many Exciting Sum Ups

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Well, hello there. So this is a new summer version that we're trying out. If you've been with us Domino for a while, then you will have noticed that otherwise, you're welcome to this and you won't notice any difference because this is the first one. Okay? So we'll go, we're going to go through the videos like this, we're going to sum up all the lessons like this instead of simply looking at the characters and then turning that around. And then I can actually activate the sound as well.

And we can have a little listen. Hold on there. There we go. Thank you. we flip it, it goes one or once. Okay, and then I'll mute the sound for most of this because we don't actually need to practice the pronunciation.

We just want to see the whole picture and being able to and being able to link it together. Okay, so one is the first one, then that builds up to two. And that makes a lot of sense. Three son like this. Sorry, it should say yeah, yeah, that's it. That's actually Okay.

And then we have shisha misses. Thank you. I didn't want you to actually learn the two characters. Because the Very complicated. We'll learn them later on in the course. However you need to just recognize them for now it's shish shish, okay, and this one is a mouth and it looks like a mouth doesn't it?

So its mouth and it's pronounced coal. Also you can ignore most of most of these these are some of them are auto generated translations, we've gone through them and made sure they're fine. But it just means that if you want to be official, this is also what how we can refer to it us. However, the only thing you need to pay attention to is the thing that is not in brackets there. Okay, moving on. And now we have the first character to character compound or to character words, simply, this is it's a vague term, what we call words in Chinese but I'm simply going to go with anything that is two characters or more more than that is a word.

So echo would mean a mouthful or bite. Yeah, that's it. Now we also you can ignore some of these. These ones just came with the translations is correct, but But that's not what I've taught you. This is simply what I've taught you. Wonderful.

And then we have, hopefully, yeah, hopefully this won't give us a slang. There's a slang course coming up later on. And that will teach you that, which means so new day means something completely different as well. And so it means son, it looks like a window, I think. And we move on. And that is the beginning of lesson two.

So we're actually done here. I hope you enjoyed that a lot, and I hope to see you in the next lesson. Bye bye.

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