Such Beautiful Country

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This character means beautiful. Some of my students think it looks like a little bug just because it has so many sort of strings or antennas attached to it. And you can think of whatever you want so long as you remember it. It's pronounced mee, mee, mee mee almost like the month of May. So everyone born in the month of May now is very beautiful. Simply May, May, May, May, May may remember third turns on me.

Now we'll learn our first country now as well. Hmm, I hope you ready for this, I just told you that we only need to put one character in front of God and then the character Gordon, and then we have a country. So which character then well, the character needs to describe the country like He also mentioned, it needs to diss the character in front then in front of God needs to describe the country. But also it can also sound like the name in English. So may now may so we're going to say May we go and say go may go may go. So remember these two conditions Now, the first one is that this one is going to describe the country the Mei is going to describe a country.

So it's a beautiful country we can think of, and also, it's going to sound like it's English equivalent then. So have a think of what may go can mean which country is this referring to? Which country is a beautiful country.

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