A Heroic Country

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So yes, in England, England in England, but actually this doesn't just mean England it means the whole of UK, England, England, if you want to say England, you can just say England. But most Chinese people don't really understand this, the difference between the UK and England, they don't really think of it too much. And to be fair, this is probably similar to how you probably don't know that the city Nanjing if I tell you that Nanjing used to be the capital of China, you probably didn't know that. And that's very important to the Chinese people, similar to how this is very important to you, as a British person. Okay? So you can't really blame blame these people for this.

So he here here actually, the eating from Ingo means hero, actually, so England or the UK which in Chinese means, which, in Chinese in Chinese eyes is all the same, basically. And in from this from this word, that means heroic. Oh, so heroic country. America got to be the beautiful country but England or sorry the UK got to be the the heroic country. We'll keep building all this now in the next few videos and may will be used to say pretty but this character he won't be used very much to say like heroic and stuff. We need a few other characters so it's not very common but it's very very common if you want to say the UK wonderful

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