Haha, real humor

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So here's another example of an idea part. Look at this conversation right here. This character that you can see means ha ha simply we right haha in Chinese it looks like this with pinion it looks like this very, very simple. So now the the code the idea or sorry the mouth is the idea pot. So you see when you when you laughing when you laugh, you use your mouth or Whoa, whoa. And you'll find out later how mouth is cold character is used as an idea part in things that we do with our mouth.

Like we we do this. And also like we when we shout the character for shout or to call someone or to eat or to drink. Look, they all have the little mouth pot they're there and that is the idea part we can call it the idea that makes it that makes us understand that we're using our mouth there. So in hints it it doesn't directly tell us what it means but it hints that we're using our mouth. Wonderful. So again, This character right here, and haha you see when we love we use it and that we just learned now we just learned how to how to laugh in Chinese and you can remember how like, you use your mouth when you laugh Okay, I will take a look and you say haha Are you ready?

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