Caveman-like language? No offense intended.

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Neither Oh, wonderful troubleshoot is a Shakespeare question, but it doesn't have to be sure it can be hungry, hungry, boo hungry. And this is no Chinglish I hope you can acknowledge that. This is nothing we can say either language but else you understand and see the structure here hungry, hungry. And this is also a Shakespeare question I gave you this example before of how we can say how we can take anything asking if you like me or if you're hungry or if you are Chinese anything here. Just make sure you can dissect the sentence and understand which one is which one you should answer with later on. For instance, when you're asking if you're hungry, would be hungry, not hungry.

And then you need to hear that hungry, not hungry and take the hungry part and say hungry or boy hungry, so not hungry. And now we just learned the word hungry. So we'll go with that for now. We'll go Just like answered now. Oh, so like Angie said, but she didn't just say that she said hungry not hungry. So that will be Earth boo, boo boo, boo boo.

A wonderful little expression. So let's see now and has just said it now I'll ask on and we'll see what she has to say. And are you hungry? Oh Obama Oh, we'll banana oh I have

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