Carefully Asking

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This character here means food. It's a squishy one. It's a squishy little building block. So it won't be used alone and they won't have its own pronunciation. And instead, we'll, we'll see, it'll be seen a lot when we talk about simple simply food, simply, just just remember it. Just remember it, please.

Yeah, just remember it. That's all I have to say. And now we can move on to or if you're a bit hungry. This is probably how you show that you're hungry. And this is one of my favorite words in Chinese. Listen to this.

Yeah, that's it. Just a simple shout. Oh. Oh, the sound pot is actually still vaguely coming from the wall. Like I as you can see that still involved in this character. So first, it was war gave us all like, oh, but now it's even vaguer because now the chain it's changed from O to o like an E instead, but it's still that still affecting the pronunciation and help is helping us remember it.

Now if I want to ask an if she's hungry, not think of how we would do this using the Shakespeare question, please. So if I want to ask how on hon are you? Are you? Are you hungry on? Let's have a think and then answer and then we'll see in the next video what the answer might be. Are you hungry?

Are you hungry By the way, I'm a bit hungry. I'll go and eat a little bit and then I'll see you in a bit.

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