Where Should You Use Marketing Stories

7 minutes
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Hi, the next question I would like to address is where, where should we use marketing stories. In this lecture, I'm going to share the best place you should use marketing stories that will have the highest impact. Number one, place your email sequence prospects join your email list for a reason. Most of the time that reason is an ethical bribe, such as a free report on a particular topic or a checklist or a short video course, an E book and so on. Sometimes your ethical bribe doesn't include information about you and your prospects might consume the content from your bribe, but still don't know who you are. For that reason, you can set up an email sequence two or three emails that tell your marketing story.

This is really powerful because you can separate your story into three parts and inserted into three emails that you will be Sending on different dates sequentially, day one, day two, and day three, you're going to have to play smart here and leave your prospects in expectation of what will follow. So next time when you send an email, they will see your name in their inbox, and they will expect your email because they know you will send the rest of the story tomorrow, that expectation will increase your email campaign open rate. As you will find out later in the course. My favorite story type is a personal story with the past copywriting formula pass p A, S, this is an abbreviation P stands for problem. A stands for agitate s solve or solution. I'll talk about that framework in details.

But for now, you should know that you outline a problem you dramatize it and you solve the problem successfully at the end of the call. You will offer the solution to your problem and that solution is your product. The best part, this is completely automated process. You write your marketing story once you set up the email sequence, you can use MailChimp, AWeber, or get response. These are the most famous autoresponders I personally use MailChimp, but you should know that the automation function is paid on their free plan you can have up to 2000 subscribers, but you don't have the automation function. The cheapest plan they have is $10 a month.

And you can use automation for up to 500 subscribers. Of course, the more you grow your email list, the more you will have to pay. I want you to remember that in this stage of development in the digital world, people consume video a lot more than before. So you can choose the means through which you deliver your story. You might want to go with text Or you might want to go with video. That's your choice, but I want to make my point.

Again, video is consumed a lot these days. So if you're not camera shy, you can film yourself talking. You've seen a lot of marketers offer free video training. And oftentimes, they will be sending free videos to your email inbox. There is a story going on. And what do you think is that they want to build trust in credibility with you first, and if there are three videos on video number four, you will be sold.

This is how it works nowadays. Even though I highly recommend using your marketing story in your email sequence, that's not the only place you can use a story in your sales letters, blog posts and product descriptions. There are different frameworks for writing a marketing story such as Aida attention Interest desire action, or the one I already mentioned, past problem agitate solve, or the three es star story solution. Depending on whether you write a sales letter or a blog post, you might want to choose the most appropriate formula or framework for the job. You're always free to experiment and test, but you should know that the reason why I recommend pass is because that formula is universal, meaning you can use it everywhere and it has been proven numerous times that works. Okay, let's recap what you've learned.

The best place to tell your story is through your email sequence. It feels more personal than just posting on Facebook. That's why your focus should build list building. Some of the best out responders are MailChimp AWeber and get response. By the way, a few days ago, I received a gift from MailChimp because I've been the premium client for a long time, and the gift was red sox with their logo done winky face and a postcard. That was a really nice surprise.

Next, generally, people prefer to consume video content. Maybe the reason for that is because we're getting lazy who knows. Other places you can use your stories a powerful sales tool is of course your sales letter, blog post in product descriptions. Depending on the marketing channel, you might want to use different copywriting formulas to tailor your marketing story in a way that's effective. Some of the most famous copywriting formulas are past product agitate solve a reader, attention, interest, desire, action, and the three es star story solution. And I want to make one final but extremely important point and this one is The best marketing lesson I can give you.

Remember, you should do sequential marketing. That means you have to look at the marketing process as a sequence. Everything has to be aligned, your marketing story, your ethical bribe your offer, and so on. If your free gift is about weight loss, and that's the reason why people join your email list, that means they have expressed interest in the topic. When you think in terms of sequels in alignment, you wouldn't offer unrelated products just to make some money on the side. If you don't align, you will burn your email list and you will be one of those people who claim that email marketing is dead.

Well, I'm here to tell you, it is not in people's to make huge launches in millions of dollars from their lists. But that's because they have built a relationship and trust first in they know what their subscribers are interested in. Thank you for watching

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