The Biggest Secret To A Successful Offer

3 minutes
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In this lecture, you're going to learn one of the most important marketing lessons ever, you will learn how to amplify the power of the psychological weapons from the course. This means you will increase your conversions even more. Here is the secret, building a relationship with your prospects first, and then sell your product. building a relationship in a marketing sense with your prospect means your prospects trust you. The more trust in you your prospects have, the more sales you will be making. So treat your prospects and customers with respect.

After all your customers are the reason you're in business. be there for them, answer their questions, address their concerns. Now you will ask a lot in there. How do we build such a relationship? Here is the answer for you through a carefully crafted marketing sequels. In order to build trust, you will have to have a way to communicate To your prospects, the best and number one way is by email period, not Facebook, Twitter or any other social media channel, you need their email addresses.

And in this course, I won't teach you how to build your email list. But basically, you need to have an ethical bribe that you exchange for your prospects email address. This ethical bribe must be related to your main offer. Basically, you will need a squeeze page. Once you have their email addresses, you need to create an email sequence we're using an autoresponder there are many autoresponders out there, but most famous, the most famous ones are AWeber get response in MailChimp. I personally use MailChimp.

It is free for the first 2000 subscribers. But the catch is you don't have the automation function, which you use to create an automated sequence. Once you start paying per month, you will be able to set up a seat Because it might be 10 days or 15 days or 30 days. That's a great way to share your story so people know who you are. Second, it's a great way to share your free content, give your prospects free, high quality, valuable content, and they will start liking you. Your first three to five emails should be providing value, and right after that you present your offer.

Keep in mind, I'm repeating myself, but that's important. Your free content should be closely related to your main offer. In this way you prequalify and educate your prospects, they will perceive you as an authority. Right after that you present your offer by using all the psychological techniques you learn in this course, and watch your conversions. Let's recap. One of the best marketing advice you can learn is to build a relationship with your prospects.

You need to build such relation Because they will start trusting and liking you. Your customers are the reason you are in business. Use an email sequence to build a relationship. Provide massive value for free and you will be perceived as an authority. Once you've done all that, present your powerful offer for a limited amount of time. Thank you for watching

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