The Power Of Social Proof And Video Testimonials

11 minutes
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Hi, the next element of a highly converting offer is the concept of social proof. in their minds, your prospects have this question, can you prove what you promise? Most of the offers you will be making in your marketing pieces should have social proof and more specifically, testimonials. But what is social proof? A simple definition would be social proof is the positive influence created when someone finds out that others are doing something? If others are doing it, it must be the right thing to do.

Okay, there are different forms of social proof such as video testimonials, written testimonials, customer subscriber or visitor counters, reviews and ratings. Trust seals in media logos. Depending on what you are selling. You might choose which one to incorporate in your offer, but you should know that by far the most powerful one is a video testimonial. So you need to ask your satisfied customers to leave you testimonials video, written or video. By using video testimonials to address the question your prospect has.

Can you prove what you promise in your video testimonial shouldn't be fancy or professional. All you need is a few minutes Scott talk, record the conversation and then use it in your sales video. If your offer doesn't have a video, you will need to ask for permission to use the picture of your customer his name, country and city. Remember you're using these testimonials to build credibility and trust. In just to prove my point I would like to show you how Joe Polish uses video testimonials for his Genius Network mastermind group that he charges $25,000 for. If you haven't heard anything about Joe polish, he's considered one of the most brutal Renowned marketers in the world today.

And also one of his teachers was the late Mr. Gary Halbert. You know that he was one of the best copywriters in the world. Let's watch the video now. Go polish on that Genius Network mastermind meeting with some really awesome people. And I could tell you all the wonderful benefits of being in the 25 k group. But I'd rather have people that are actually here attending, say what they think about it.

So let's start with Mr. Daniel Ayman author of change your brain change your life and we want to have copies of the book. You know, you may have seen Dr. Ayman on TV. He's a very smart dude. I've done more brain scans and any psychiatrist in the world and so it's been your first meeting. So what do you think it is? No, I'm having a great time.

I've learned a lot of things. It's just like an Idea Factory. And it's just exciting. I know it's gonna make a huge difference in my business. And also, I've learned Some of about some of the biggest frustrations I've had, there was one diagram that just like went, this is my life. And so I'm very excited about taking this information home and incorporating it into my life.

Awesome. Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, yeah, I waited for a couple of years before I could actually clear up my schedule to join the 25 K. And this is the first first thing that goes down on our schedule every every year when our winner Joe spades, because I'm here for six to eight days a year with people that I just couldn't be in the same room with anywhere on the planet. You know, I was sitting here today and I was thinking there's no place on the planet today for this eight hour period where there's so much creativity so much sheer generosity of spirit than there is in Joe's group. And I should say this that the group reflects Joe you know, Joe has to Amazing qualities one, he says one of the most curious human beings that I've ever, ever met in terms of being just interested in all sorts of different kinds of things.

And the other thing is that he's one of the most generous people that I've ever encountered in my life. And the spirit of the group really reflects both curiosity and generosity. Well, thank you very much. I appreciate it. Let's go over to Jeff Walker, the inventor of Product Launch Formula, and you've helped make about 100 million dollars so far of a product launches, at least that you can track. And yeah, you've been here a few times.

So if you're watching this, you're probably entrepreneur, you're probably you've got too many demands on your time. And I know when I looked at coming here, it wasn't it wasn't spending. It wasn't giving Joe $25,000 that was the sticking point. It was whether I wanted to commit those days out of my very busy schedule. And I'm here I'm glad I am. I would encourage you if you if you have any if you ever feel alone being an actor.

When you're wondering, wishing you had people that understood you, they could connect with you. This is a room of people with big hearts, big minds. And they're probably outside of your normal circle. So the the ideas that you get being around these people and not only the ideas, but the connections you get, I think will not only explode your bottom line but make your life a lot bigger. Thank you. And Mr. David Bach, your latest book, which is Debt Free for life.

What nine New York Times bestseller So how many of you? This is the ninth book. Enjoy you did amazing interview with me? Yeah, we really all Thank you. Yeah, you're so good to be here. I know.

This is just basically Joe Polish love fest. Yes. Seriously, I have been in Dan's program for well over a decade. And this is I will say next. Again, it's called this program. This is only been here for day and a half the best investment Government.

The This is a, I think the biggest thing I've seen the ideas I've gotten here to be worth a fortune, but the biggest thing is making new friends of like minded really kick ass entrepreneurs, people that are making it happen not wanting to make it happen. This is not a one and B group. It's really a group of really unbelievably successful people. And everybody who came here has been has been humble has been open has shared and we're having a blast. So I signed up for this program, quite frankly, because I just love this guy. I thought it'd be fun to write in the chat.

I had no idea I was getting myself into jail. It's blown away anything and I highly recommend it. Appreciate well thank you and my partner with I love marketing COMM The marketing boom is Dean Jackson, who invented the very first squeeze page the opt in page on the internet that and you invented that and so many marketers have made a fortune using your Marketing methodologies. What are your thoughts? Well, every time I come to one of these groups, I'm amazed that the the ideas that are not only like shared but multiplied by all the people in the room like you come, and everybody in this room, when they're normally in a room like this, they're at the front of the room, teaching the people in the room that people have come to be with them. And Nope, to be surrounded by people who every one of them is in a situation where people normally come and pay them to come and be part of that room to see these guys.

And to have the synergy and the sharing. And one idea being, you know, multiplied by something that somebody across the room says, while you're in the process of saying it is just fascinating. I mean, I've seen just so many breakthroughs that have happened for people even just in the day and a half that we've been here right now, myself included, and I'm very excited about that. So yeah, Awesome, thank you and Dean, grassy OC, who's been, you know, you've seen him all over TV hasn't missed a TV for what? single day in 13 years, something like that. Yeah.

And you've been here since the very beginning. I have almost five years now. It's almost five years. Yeah, it's close to five years now. So are your thoughts? My you know, here's the thing, you know, today was really special day.

So was yesterday in this 25 K, but they're all special. You know, the one thing I'm just looking here that the group that's here is just phenomenal that you can get in one room. And before Daniel was saying, you get ideas, not only do you get ideas, a lot of entrepreneurs, I know with me, we already have the ideas stacked up. But what you do is you come here and you talk with people who don't have more ideas about your ideas. There's going to be somebody or multiple people that are overtly taking your idea and gone down the road and been successful with it. And what Dan was saying we've we've created a I mean, I feel blessed to have been here since day one, and it helped Joe as much as I possibly can.

But I've watched this heart of Joe just compound like there's no Nobody that holds back I know I've been coming here five years, I share everything. There's nothing I've ever held back here, nor does everybody else. So it's really great to have new ideas. But as overwhelmed, you know, too many subject lines going on in our head entrepreneurs, you can come here and get clarity. I mean, literally, I almost didn't come yesterday, because this is the busiest month of my life, my company's going to a whole new level. I've had aims that I haven't had in years, but a super good thing we're growing.

And it would have been the biggest disservice to myself, my family and my company. If I didn't come here. It's just it's an amazing thing. And the other thing too, Joe is Joe is the first person I ever cut a check for some of you watching. I don't go to seminars, I don't read books, I don't go to live events. I've kind of just had my head down working in my own company.

I cut Joe check for 25 grand, I think it was the first or third person that cut him the check. Best money I've ever spent. I've literally I've been fortunate. And I could say this with all sincerity. I've generated extra 10s of millions of dollars. That's true money from sitting right in this room.

So I'd say a few if it's If it's the time make it, if it's the check, find the money. That's it. Awesome. Thank you. So first off, I appreciate everything all of you said. And one of the things I want to say to you watching this, if you've been either referred to the group or if you've been invited into the group, it's not about me, it's about sitting in a room with industry, transformers, some of the brightest, most capable entrepreneurs on the planet, talking about how to make everything better.

And I want this group to really be known for the types of people that are in the group. And that's why I wanted you to hear from all of these people, because they're all geniuses. And they make a big impact in their area of expertise and focus. And so if you're a if you are a real industry transform, or if you're someone that is already at a very high level of success, and wants to add to it, then I invite you to come to this room and hang out with people like this. And it very well could change your life. So thank you all and there will be an application we just don't accept people that cut a check, you actually have to go through a process.

So fill out the application that's on Twitter. Five k And take from there, maybe we'll see it a future group. Thank you. That was a nice social proof video, wasn't it? Did you notice at the beginning of the video, he said, I could tell you all the wonderful benefits of being in the 25 key group, but I would rather have people that are actually here attending and see what they think about it.

Brilliant. Okay, let's recap. So in this lecture, you've learned how important social proof in video testimonials in particular are. You know that you need to address the question your prospect has, can you prove what you promise and you know, you don't need fancy professional video testimonials, free Skype video conversations will work. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next lecture.

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