What Is The Benefit Of The Benefit

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Once you've converted some of the features into benefits, and you've chosen the best right in your marketing copy, now you're going to learn a great technique to come up with even more real specific, intangible benefits. A lot of times you will find that benefits have many levels, and you can go deeper into a benefit. What does this mean? Well, when people read your copy and a specific benefit that's important to them, you don't know which one it is. They will see Wow, this person really gets me He knows what I'm going through hinder stance my pain in this is the result you want to apply this technique, choose a benefit and ask the question, what is the deeper benefit? Here is an example you teach women how to burn 10 pounds of belly fat.

What's the deeper benefit? Why would this woman want to burn belly fat Hmm, maybe she wants to be more attractive to the opposite sex. Okay, that's great. So you can use that in your marketing copy. Here is one feature of the product here is what it does for you. And that means you will look more attractive than ever before, in you will have options to choose from when picking the right men.

This is even a deeper benefit. It's getting emotional. And that's what you want emotion. And this is not well guessing. Again, you have to know your target audience. You don't need highly emotional benefits when you're selling to highly technical people who care only about the benefits of the product.

But if you're selling weight loss products, yes, you want to go there. You want to talk about humiliation, ridicule, health problems because of overweight. You want to talk about attractiveness, respect, confidence in more. And since I started talking about emotions, Here is a framework for writing marketing copy that you can use. It's very simple in it goes like this. you've identified an urgent problem your prospect has you talk about the problem and agitated you dramatize the problem, so to speak.

And then you know how to solve the problem. You know the way and the solution is your offer. So, problem agitate solve that's very basic but effective emotional framework. Which part would you include the list of benefits in good job you've guessed it right. In the third part, solve the problem. This is where you paint pleasing pictures in your prospects mind in this is the moment they say bye bye to their problem and welcome new perfect life.

Did you get it nice. Most of the time, your benefits will have a deeper level of benefits. Try to identify them by asking the question What is the deeper benefit? Get more specific and emotional. That's fine. Remember the phrase, people buy on emotion and they justify with logic.

Plus negative emotions are quiet if not more times more powerful than positive. Keep that in mind when writing copy. A person would pay more to stop other people make fun of him than he would pay to be attractive. Use that weapon. Okay, thank you for watching. See you in the next lecture.

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