Case Study - Was That A $100.000 Letter

7 minutes
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First of all, I really want to congratulate you for getting this far in the course, you are one of the top 5% of people who actually complete online courses. This leads me to believe that you're going to be among a handful of people who will take action who will execute, apply the knowledge and see some great results. You're absolutely awesome. So one more time, great job. You're about to see a real life application of some of the psychological principles you've been learning in this course. You know that besides an online instructor, I have a full time job as a marketing manager.

What you don't know is that I'm also a co founder of a company that sells pallet burners and boilers. I'm also in charge of the marketing and business development department. The name of the company is eco Blaze, and it is a business to business or b2b company that operates internationally a vitally important part The success is to find distributors, which are in fact, our customers. I crafted a market penetration strategy for three countries, Germany, Spain, and Italy. The core of the strategy was sending a physical mail with a letter brochure in a CD with information about our products. Long story short, I found potential distributors according to specific criteria, and I send these potential partners envelopes with the information I mentioned.

Let me tell you the results we got with Germany. I sent 40 letters, and I got five replies from distributors wanting to take advantage of my offer. That's a bit over 12% response rate, which is great. And just to give you a little idea, the least expensive product we have is around 1000 euro but I don't sell to end clients. I don't want to sell one or two or three burners No, I'm looking for companies that have developed A market in Germany that we can tap into. So we're talking about big companies that have been in business for quite a while.

Some of these companies, so up to 200 pieces of pellet equipment, ranging from 3000 to 10,000 euros each. If I could close only one company out of 40 letters, my marketing campaign would be considered wildly successful. I got five responses. Now it closed three companies. And when I say closed, I mean, I signed contracts with those companies, but only the future can tell how our partnerships will turn up. And if I have found the ultimate distributor, making millions of euros in sales per year, so whatever happens in the future, I will always consider this campaign a success.

As you can guess, there was one thing that made all the difference. You know the answer, it was the offer. I made an irresistible By using some of the principles you already know, it was one page letter. In fact, I want to show it to you. Here it is. It is in German.

This is the original. I didn't have it in English but for the purposes of this course, I translated it so you can see exactly what I wrote. I want to warn you that the translation is not perfect. I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it, but you will get the point. Okay, here it is, dear sir, or madam. The purpose of this letter is to offer a business partnership.

As you can see, I tell them from the very beginning, what they can expect and why they read this letter or I have like clear communication. Equal Blaise Ltd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of high quality pellet equipment, burners and boilers. Our general purpose is to develop our market in Germany for Italy and Spain. I just changed the name of the country but the letter was pretty much the same. For that reason, we need a serious partner whose job will be to sell and install pellet burners in boilers. After we have carefully examined your website, we firmly believe that we could collaborate with each other.

We'd like to send you a test pellet burner because we want you to be convinced of the quality of our products. You don't need to pay for the burner, and we will pay for the shipping costs to Germany. And this is my offer to send 1000 euro test burner for a free trial. I take all the risk plus I pay for the shipping, which can be considered as my risk reversal device. Because really, if something happens, it's all on me. We've attached a brochure with detailed information about our pallet burner and the boiler plus a CD with video that will walk you through setting up the pallet burner initially and how to work with the controller.

If this offer for a test burner interest you please include information about your company including name and address of registration. This is make crystal clear call to action is the first one, you understand that our test burners are in limited quantity, so we can send only 10 burners to our future distributors. If you'd like to take advantage of this offer, we strongly encourage you to get through with us in the shortest time possible in order to reserve your pallet burner. What did they do here? Exactly? I injected urgency limited in stock, which was hugely effective because these companies don't want to miss out on the great deal of a test burner, only 10 available.

Plus it is absolutely believable because it's a physical product. Send us an email at and this is my second call to action. Then I have the name of the website Best regards bloody miracle To summarize the psychological triggers I use in the letter first clear communication, my prospects and they're sent exactly what to do next and what this letter is all about. Second, irresistible offer free trial of 1000 euro product, third risk reversal device I'll pay for shipping to Germany, and I'll let you use the product without having to pay for it. By the way, the contracts are somewhere around nine to 12 months. And then for clear calls to action, fifth, urgency only 10 units available for test.

So clear communication, irresistible offer risk reversal devices clear calls to action in urgency. These were the keys to success. really sell pellet burners in boilers worth $100,000 euro. I don't know, maybe it won't, maybe it will. The fact of the matter is that my letters purpose was to get a response in which people request their testimony. burners, and I contribute a huge part of my success to the copywriting.

In the letter. I communicated a great offer with no risk involved to the opposite side with clear calls to action in urgency limited in quantity. I have some people asked me but Vladimir, Will these strategies work my product? Well, you already know the answer. It works for something as boring as a pellet burner, let alone a digital information product. Now it's your turn.

Go ahead and apply your new knowledge execute. Thank you for watching.

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