Who Should You Write Your Story For

4 minutes
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Hi, the next question I would like to address is who, who you should write your marketing story for. And the correct answer here is your target audience. That sounds self explanatory, right? But do you know who your ideal customer is? You should have an ideal prospect in your mind, who is interested in what you're selling? What common characteristics do your customers have?

What are the gender, age, nationality values, fears, frustrations, expertise, desires and aspirations of your prospects. The reason you need that information is because you want to tailor your marketing story accordingly. Only then your prospects would see themselves in your story and would relate better to what you have to say. For example, the part of your story where you identify a problem, and you agitate that problem. You'd be talking about difficulties, the struggles and frustrations you had. But these would be the same as the ones your prospects have.

When reading your story, your prospects would say, hey, this person knows what I'm going through. We are on the same page, he or she understands my pain. In fact, there was a study in a Californian university that showed that when people listen to the right for them story, their brains activate the love hormone. That's oxytocin. I'm not sure if I pronounced that correctly. And that happens, because when we listen to a relevant, easy to grasp story, we put ourselves in the shoes of the main character.

We are all human beings, we experience the same feelings, fears, desires, as period frustrations and salt. That's why stories are so powerful and clever marketers use them. Okay, your task is to find out as much as possible about who your ideal customer is, what are their wants, desires, fears and so on and talking about psychographic characteristics, but also don't ignore the demographic characteristics to those include age, gender, occupation, education level, family size, income, religion, nationality, and more. Once you know the details, you have to tailor your marketing story accordingly. That shouldn't sound complex to you. Even if you forget about all these psychographic and demographic characteristics and focus on one common characteristic alone.

Your story again could be successful, but your focus should be on the problem. your prospects have You should perfectly understand the problem, their pain. Once you know that you attack here is the problem here is what will happen if you don't do anything about it in here is a simple, effective and cheap solution to get rid of that problem. Okay, let's recap what you've learned. Generally in marketing, the more you know about your ideal customer The better you should be aware of their psychographic and demographic characteristics. psychographic characteristics include problems, pains, fears, frustrations, desires, wants, and aspirations.

Demographic characteristics include age, gender, occupation, educational level, family size, income, religion, nationality, and more. You should perfectly understand the problem your prospects have, because this is the core strategy in the problem. Deep soul formula. Thank you for watching

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