8 Elements Of A Highly Converting Offer

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You're about to learn eight proven to work principles that will help you create irresistible offers. I call them the eight elements of a highly converting offer. So let's have a closer look, which they are and why you need to include them in your offer. Number one, framing your value proposition in translating the value your prospects are going to get. You will learn how to present your value proposition and how to present the price of your product or service. So it looks like a real bargain.

This is an extremely powerful technique that you need to master. Number two, clear communication. Marketing is communication and you need to master it. You need to be talking to your prospect in a way that they will 100% understand you. I'll share my favorite marketing concept called the ladder of abstraction. mastering this concept will improve your communication Skills significantly.

Number three social proof testimonials. One of the questions your prospects have in their minds is, can you prove what you promise? If you don't address this question, fewer people will buy your product or service. We'll be talking about the most powerful form of social proof video testimonials, and you will see a great example. Number four urgency, you will learn how to apply the urgency principle in your marketing copy. The reason you need to use this principle is because behavioral psychologists have found out that urgent situations caused us to act quickly and that's what we want from our prospects to take action quickly.

Not Think about it for a few days. Number five bonuses and incentives. You need to include bonuses in your offer people love bonuses, bonuses will increase the overall value of your offer, which means people will be Less reluctant to make a buying decision and invest in your product. Number six risk removal. You should know that in every transaction, there is some kind of risk involved for both sides. Your job is to remove any obstacles or impediments your prospect have in their way to making a purchase.

Ideally, not only do you have to remove the risk, but also reverse it, however, in a non scammy way. Number seven, crystal clear call to action, or CTA. By the way, that's one of the most common mistakes marketers make. They don't have a clear call to action and they assume their prospects know what to do next. But this kills your conversions. We'll talk about how to connect the main benefit of your product with the call to action.

That's very, very useful. Of course, there will be examples to clarify the concept Number eight. The biggest secret to a successful offer is building a relationship with your prospects. I will teach you the best way to build such a relation is the result people will trust you, like you and buy from you. In fact, by applying the knowledge from this lecture alone will increase the effectiveness of all the other psychological weapons you will learn. At the end of the course, you're going to see two examples and one case study so you can get a clearer sense how to apply what you've learned.

In the case study, you will see how I implemented some of the principles not all but some inner simple letter that would potentially turn out to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, or I should better say euro because in my experiment I target in Germany and Spain and Italy, but more about the case study later in this course. As an example, we will see how a very successful internet marketer applied the principles and it is certain he got some great results. The name of this internet marketer is Frank Kern has generated over $14 million in sales for himself and his clans. Finally, we'll see one more example from another internet marketing guru. His name is Evan pagan. He has generated over $100 million in online sales.

You should know that the reason I give these people his examples is because they have built not one but several successful million dollar businesses. And the very fact these people are using the strategies you're about to learn is convincing enough that these psychological strategies principles will technique call them however you want work. Plus From now on, every time you land on a sales page, you will be able to know is these techniques being used, forming here, and now absolutely serious about that, please, please, please do not use these techniques in an immoral, unethical way, in a way that would influence people to take an action that will not have a positive benefit for them. And I'm 100% sure you understand what I'm talking about. I'm not saying that to increase the perceived value of my content of this course. Nothing close to that.

I'm just being honest here. We've got some great material to cover, get a pen and paper, and I'll provide you with all the resources, knowledge and experience I have, but your job will be to execute and see some great results. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next lecture.

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