Framing Your Value Proposition So Your Offer Looks Like A Real Bargain

9 minutes
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Hi and welcome. In this lecture, you're going to learn how to frame your value proposition. So when you present your price, it will look attractive and not expensive. Before we dive into the psychological marketing principles, I would like to simplify the whole process to one sentence. You have a product or service, and you want people to buy it, right? That's true.

But what does this mean? You have a product or service and you ask your prospects to get their hard earned money out of their pockets in give it to you. Of course, there's going to be an exchange, you give them your product or service, but generally that's the case. your prospect has a very important question in their mind that you need to answer precisely by using the so called framing effect. Here is the question how do I know that one pain for is worth a lot more than my investment. So how do I know that what I'm paying for is worth a lot more than my investment?

When creating your offer, you should address this question by offering massive value. But there is a catch. You don't just go ahead and offer a bunch of fake PLR products and bonuses. You need to be talking your prospects language. What are they trying to achieve? What are the results they want to get to they want to make money, save time get out of debt, lose weight, get their ex back?

What is it, your massive value should be laser focus on the results they want to achieve or problems they want to solve. I want to be more specific with you here. massive value. What does it mean? Well, massive value means that your prospects will get three or five or even 10 times their investment back and I'm not talking about money here. Let me give you an example.

I was listening to a sales video of a program called wake up productive. The teacher and the brilliant marketer of the program is Eben Pagan, and he has generated over $100 million in online sales. I bought a lot of his products and as a marketer myself, I enjoyed the marketing funnels upsells and sequences I go through when I buy from him. But But back to the point, wake up productive is an online course or program with the price tag of 497. It's not really high in comparison with his other programs that would go to over $2,000 price tag, but still 497 is a reasonable amount of money. As you can imagine, in his program, he teaches people how to be more productive, and how to manage their time, more specifically, how to double their productivity.

I remember he In his price and value proposition in a very clever way, here is what he did. I cannot recall the whole copy precisely, but you'll get the point. He found out that on average, his ideal prospects make around $50,000 per year that he calculated how much they were earning per hour, and it turned out $25 per hour. In fact, in his copy, he gave a very simple formula so prospects can calculate how much money they were earning per hour themselves based on their yearly income. Then he said something like, again, this is not precise. I'm using this example to show you what framing effect does, and how you can use it in your marketing copy.

Even though these are not the precise words, I would like to give credit to Eben Pagan and his students. Here's what he said. Let's be conservative and realistic and my problem would not perform Well as I'm promising, and by the way, this is similar at the end of the call, it wouldn't double your productivity. But in the worst case, it would help you save just one hour per day. And if you're making $25 per hour, that means you would have an extra $500 worth of your time per month, in over a year, that would be $6,000 worth of your time that you can invest in other important projects that you have. When you hear these numbers $500 worth of my time in the first month, or even $6,000 worth of my time per year.

And this is the worst case scenario. Well, the value in my mind that I'm receiving is huge. Now 497 price tag doesn't look that expensive. In fact, it's a real bargain. This is what the framing effect does. It changes our perception of offers.

Questions and statements. In this example, Evan increased the value of his program, or at least the perceived value without adding bonuses or anything else. He was just playing with the framing concept. So you need to find what's important to your customer, your prospect, what do they want to achieve, and then go ahead and translate what you're offering to their language. Do they want to make money save time get out of debt, lose weight, get her ex back, get the job they want, get the pay raise. What is it another example by taking my program on weight loss, and of course, it should have a name.

You will lose 30 pounds in four short weeks guaranteed. Not only that is your burning belly fat with the velocity of flight you will also be building muscles. I'm not talking about body building muscles, but a nice looking male body. This means you will become more attractive To the opposite sex, your confidence will increase and as a result you will double your dates. Plus, if you sign up in the next 24 hours, I have special bonuses for you. I'll give you the best opening lines to approaching women and a simple technique that will help you identify if a woman is ready to be kissed.

This technique is so effective that works 100% every time that means you will never be rejected again. If you are an overweight man, with relationship problems thinking that you don't have success with women because you're fat. How much would you pay for that problem? How much is that worth to you? Your investment is only three small payments of $97 each in fact Come to think of it. You will spend more money if you go in a fine restaurant alone.

This is a draft specifically for the Course, took me around seven minutes. Of course, if I'm writing copy for such product, I will do revisions, I may add something more. For example, a case study that women are attracted exactly where the type of body my prospect will have after they go through the program. And so, as you can see, I don't talk about price, but investment. I'm not explaining or justifying why it is so expensive or something like that. I don't talk about boring exercises.

I'm not talking about diet pills or anything irrelevant. In this moment. I'm talking in terms of what's important to my prospect, his problem and the new life, he would have only if he decides to enroll in the course or program or whatever. The order you need to follow is this. First you set up your prospect by using framing translate the value of prospect to get by taking the action you want them to take and only after That you tell the prize, talk about investment. This is of course interview marketing copy.

You should also know how to turn coal features into benefits in form of bullet points. You should also know how to write headlines that grabs attention. So let's recap. In this lecture, you've learned the importance of addressing a very important question each prospect has, how do I know that what I'm paying for is worth a lot more than my investment, how to frame your value proposition. So it looks like you're offering three or five or 10 times more valuable. You do that by translating the value your offer has, in the language of your prospect.

Talking about the benefits, results and outcomes. This is how you increase the perceived value. You've learned that you need to set up the prospect first and then to present the prices and investment by setting up your prospect. You Make the price tag of your product or service look like a bargain. Thanks for watching. Remember that you can always force this lecture again and I'll see you in the next one.

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