Remove Or Reverse Risk (Crucial)

2 minutes
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Hi there, you're about to learn the next element of a highly converting offer. It's called risk removal. In every transaction, there is some kind of risk involved. Your job as a marketing professional is to remove any obstacles or impediments your prospects have in their way to a purchase. Your risk removal devices have to be powerful such as 100%, unconditional 30 or 60 to 90 days money back guarantee. Unconditional means no questions asked.

Moreover, you should explain that to your prospect. Tell them exactly what your guarantee includes. Tell them how easy it is to get their money back. If they don't like the product is easy as one word email. That word might be canceled or refund or something simple. Tell them you won't be asking for reasons in order to get their money back.

By the way, so test you have shown that the longer the money back guarantee, the less refunds you will have. Because if it is 30 days, people might feel a little pressure rather than having 90 days money back guarantee. Of course, you might want to check how long the money back guarantee is in your industry, the nature of your product is also an important factor. An advanced tactic is not just to remove the risk, but also to reverse it. How can you do that? Well, you can say that you will give their money back and they will keep the product.

So in that way you're taking part of the risk. And please do not offer something scandalous triple your money back guarantee. Finally, frame your money back guarantee in a positive way. Enroll in name of the course today, and you will have 30 days to examine all powerful techniques for creating and launching an online course in fact 30 Days are enough to apply all of them in see positive results. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results, just send me one word email cancel and you will get your money back instantly. No questions asked.

No hurt feelings. Okay, let's recap your offer should have a risk removal device. Ideally, risk reversal. Money Back Guarantee is a great way to remove risk. The time of your money back guarantee depends on your industry and product. But generally speaking, the longer the better.

Don't use camera risk reversal promises such as if my product doesn't do that for you. I will triple your money back. frame your risk removal or reversal device in a positive way. Thank you for watching.

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