Top 10 Tried & Tested Headline Formulas (Use Them!)

7 minutes
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Hi, This lecture will make things easier and it's perfect for beginner copywriters because I'll give you frameworks or formulas, fill in the blank tab to crank out powerful headlines. Keep in mind that these are only formulas Your job is to loan them with power words. Therefore, you don't just fill in the blank with one word only. Instead, you need to expand them. Remember, you have 257 powers arsenal. So attack, I'll propose 10 frameworks.

And I believe that's a fair number to start with. If you feel a need of more headline formulas, you can always type headline formulas in Google, and more ideas will show up plus, in this lecture, we'll be looking in these headlines from a psychological perspective to we'll see what's behind these formulas. Okay, let's get started. Number one, who else wants black This is an old timer. And the implication here is that many people have already expressed a desire for something, which is ultimately social proof. if many people want something, if many people do something, it means that this is the right thing to do.

Example, Who else wants to know where the real estate deals are? Number two, little known ways to black. This one is similar to the secret of black. It is different interpretations. Firstly, the fewer people know specific information, the higher the perceived value of that information. Or you can look from another angle.

If you're a bit more confident, and the topic of the headline is familiar to you. You could say, well, these ways might be a little known by many, but I better know them. I'll check them out just in case example. Six little long ways to pay off your mortgage number three, Number of lessons I learned from blank. This is a great one. The first thing that comes to mind is that someone has already tried it and learn from it.

Someone is about to share their experiences been a pleasant or unpleasant. Yes, it would definitely grab my attention. Imagine the following situation. You are a young, enthusiastic and inexperienced entrepreneur. You open a newspaper or website in read the following headline 17 lessons I learned from launching three successful businesses in one year. Wouldn't you be interested to read what follows to find out which these lessons are and how they will save you time and frustrations during your entrepreneurial journey?

Okay, number four, what you ought to know about black. The power of this one comes from one of the most powerful human emotions. Remember, we've talked about that curiosity? What do we have to know? Why do I have to know it? I'm going to read to find out example, what you ought to know about becoming a father, or let's pump it a little bit 13 crucially important principles you ought to know about becoming a father.

And this is what I mean by saying expand the headline in the beginning of the lecture number five, how to blank even if slash without blank. The logic behind this headline is, you know how to do something that in many cases requires something else and how you can do it without the something else parse. Okay, okay, I've got it. This doesn't sound clear enough, right? See, let's see the examples. how to lose weight, even if you don't go to the gym.

This is the first one and the second one. How To become a filthy rich entrepreneur even if you don't have a college degree, these headlines address objections prospects have often self limiting beliefs such as you know, many people think that they cannot become rich because they don't have they don't have a college degree or they cannot lose weight if they don't visit a gym. very potent headlines here. Number six, how to blank in number easy steps. We've already discussed prospects like easy things easy to do things. They don't want to work hard.

Therefore, how to do something in few easy steps is a perfect headline for a blog post. For example, you should point out how to do something relatively hard in easy steps for the sake of the juxtaposition. how to lose weight in three easy steps how to start an online business in five easy steps. Number seven number reasons why you should be blank. Another great headline for a blog post. Pretty straightforward, seven reasons why you should do something.

We talk specificity and curiosity here as well, which are these reasons, and there is a number in the headline. You remember the study number headlines have proven, high social engagement. Examples, seven reasons why you should start blogging, or another 116 reasons why you should teach and generate income online. Number eight, the Ultimate Guide to blank. This simple formula is quite effective because it shows confidence and boldness. It implies that your product or article is the ultimate definitive guide, meaning prospects will not need to read anything else on the topic because you provide a comprehensive solution example, the Ultimate Guide to six pack or the Ultimate Guide to picking up good Girls, number nine number things your close friend relative significant other doesn't tell you.

This formula is the pinnacle one of my favorites. Probably, you've seen it here and there. You have to use it wisely though. Attracting your prospect is the first step. But if you use a powerful headline and don't fulfill your prospects expectations, it may backfire meaning they'll be disappointed. Example.

Seven things your girlfriend doesn't tell you about sex. Okay, but I can help it I'll expand the idea. Check this out. seven secrets about sex. Your girlfriend will never ever tell you to your face, but secretly wishes Union and the last one number 10. The fastest, simplest way to black.

I've mentioned several times people want things fast. They want to do harm. things easily, just how it sounds, examples, the fastest way to add 1802 by subscribers to your email list, or the second example, the easiest way to make people like you instantly. Okay, I've just presented 10 headline formulas for you to implement right away. You can use them everywhere blog posts, book titles, course titles, social media, post, digital products, you know, landing pages and so on. Now you have a variety of options to choose from.

I've intentionally picked up formulas which are relatively short as well, because sometimes there is a restriction to the number of characters in the headline. Thank you for watching, see you in the next lecture.

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