Convert Cold Features Into Benefits That Sell

6 minutes
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Since you know the difference between features and benefits, now we will have to convert the features of your product or service into benefits. Why do we need to do that? Because we found out that the majority of people will respond best to benefits instead of features, meaning benefits will make the selling process easier. We do not leave the prospect to interpret the features. Hmm, what does this feature mean? What does it do for me?

To do this correctly? We need to obey some copywriting rules as specificity, reduced level of abstraction. In reality, that sounds fancy, doesn't it? In other words, you should not be talking about benefits of a high level of abstraction, such as enjoy life more. What does this mean and for whom, let alone the fact that the phrase has been overused. So your benefits must be specific, tangible in Not abstract in real, because if they're too abstract, that would communicate differently to different people in your message would be the uted.

You wouldn't be able to get the message across correctly. It's important you watch the lecture in which I explained the letter of obstruction. It's one thing to say, with my product, you'd be able to lose weight. That's kind of an advantage of the product, not a feature, and quite another, you'd be able to lose 10 pounds of belly fat so you can get back into skinny jeans. See how specific intangible the second sentence is? This is what sells specificity is key.

I've just mentioned the word advantage here. I didn't want to overwhelm you the first lecture but I think here is the time to include the advantage part. Do you remember the example with the car and air conditioner? Yes, good. As we've set the feature is air conditioning. D advantage.

Is cool air inside the car. The benefit you feel comfortable on a whole day with your windows rolled up. And now you may see but flooded marriage getting complicated features benefits advantage Am I supposed to remember which is which? Don't worry, I know what you mean. I have a concrete formula for you to make life easier in this regard. Here it is.

Because it has feature you will be able to advantage. What that means to you is benefit. Let's fill in the gaps because it has air conditioning, you will be able to cool the air inside the car. What that means to you is feeling comfortable in the hot day with your windows rolled up. I love that formula. It's cool, isn't it?

When writing benefits, oftentimes you will notice that one feature can have more than one benefit attached to it for example, if you can come up with 10 features, you may extract 15 benefits or more out of them. Welcome version features, try to put yourself into your prospects shoes, so to speak, try to see through their eyes feel their problems, fears and frustrations, and of course, their wants and desires. Once you've got many benefits, you don't need to use them all, choose the best five for 25 benefits and write about them in your copy. This depends on the size of the project you're working on. You can do that in the form of bullet points. By the way, I've dedicated a whole lecture on bullet points that you will watch later in this class.

Here is an example an imaginary situation, you want to sell your car and you have to write an ad. You perfectly know the characteristics of your car or the features of your car. What you now have to do is to convert them into benefits because you know that benefits so the feature is, the color of your car is electric green. It's really bright. The benefit safety because the electric green color is so noticeable or easy to see the chances are other drivers won't crash into you because they didn't see your car. Another feature 650 horsepower, the benefit safety again, even if you are the best driver in the world unpredicted in dangerous situations happen with 650 horsepower, you will accelerate extremely fast in it might save your in your family members lives.

The cars consumption is four liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Oh, I forgot to mention if you're in the US I know you use gallons and miles. But here in Europe we've got a metric system. If you're not familiar with the liters and in kilometers. This is is a very economical car. Here is the benefit you get to travel long and short distances quite cheaply.

In other words, this card saves you money. Did you get it? Even in the world of online teaching, I still see online instructors writing their marketing copy things like six hours of content or eight hours of content. This is a feature of the course. And to be honest, I don't care how long an online course or class is, what they care is if the class will get me the results I want. This is a problem because instructors go one step further, and they price their course or class according to the hours of content.

Their classroom course consists of. This is ridiculous a rule of thumb for the online instructors who are watching, you should price your course according to the result your customer will get after completing the course. What that This result mean for them? How much would they be willing to pay to get rid of a specific problem or pain? These are the questions you should be asking. And not Oh, my course is two hours.

Average in my industry people charge $30 per hour so I will price my course it $16 in this is not off topic, because thinking in writing in terms of your customers interest changes your perception of your marketing message, and how you do marketing in general. Thank you for watching. I love you Morocco, and I'll see you in the next lecture.

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