A Sales Page Example (Web Traffic Course)

14 minutes
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Hi, in this lecture, we'll do pretty much the same as we did with Frank Kern. In his letter, we will examine and analyze a sales letter from Eben Pagan. He's extremely successful online entrepreneur. He has sold over 100 million in sales launched over 50 digital products. Let's see one of his sales letters. The first thing you see is what a timer that sounds and looks familiar to us.

Why does he uses a timer because he wants to inject urgency limited in time. Limited flash sale 80% discount expires in that sounds like a good deal already. d $100 million traffic system discovered the exact system I've used to get new customers in generate over $100 million in online sales. From Eben Pagan, there is also a picture of him that adds credibility. He's a real person after all date. And then dear entrepreneur, three short main bullet points when this lead is going to be all about get a constant flow of quality traffic, get new leads get new paying customers, very simple sentences easy to communicate no ambiguity or complexity of any kind.

We're on the same page. Next. Get the crowd of high quality education hand customers through your business associate that stops people who just scan the page. You're going to know how to attract high quality buyer traffic to your website. You're going to know how to turn this traffic into highly interested leads and grow your list. Look, if you're frustrated that you've spent months working On your product that you know certain people out there would love, but you just can't find a way to reach them or get them to buy, then you will want to read every word on this page.

Okay, he identified the problem and gets our attention, then you will want to read every word on this page. The system you're about to learn is probably nothing like anything else you've seen or tried a unique system. You've never tried something similar to what he's about to teach you. The $100 million traffic system that's up here this hard to comment. People who don't know who Eben Pagan is might quickly conclude that this is a scam, but it is not. I've bought over seven high quality products from him.

He's brilliant. I used to really struggle to get traffic and make sales. He starts talking about problems. He can't, maybe dramatize it a bit. So we should expect the personal breakthrough later in his story, the $600 marketing lesson that made me 100 million in online sales. I love these subheads when I was 22 years old, he talks about his story.

My first attempt to get new customers was a disaster. He agitates the problem. More and more people can relate to it. They've been there, they've experienced that. They know how it feels. The big aha, that got me more traffic than I could handle.

Okay, here we go. I told you about the personal breakthrough. He uses an interesting framework for his copy. The phone started ringing off the hook. The mistake almost all businesses make and how you can profit from it. I've done all the heavy lifting for you.

That sounds familiar, isn't it? Remember Frank Kern letter, he also did the heavy lifting for us. Now I even remember there was a typo heavily lifting. After spending 15 years marketing online studying the psychology of customer behavior and investing millions of dollars in research and testing to find out what works, I have developed a proven five step tracking blueprint any business can use to create irresistible ads content and promotions that stand out and get attention quickly get ads content in promotions in front of a lot of people who want your products and services with minimal investment upfront. I've put this system inside a training program a call the traffic intensive and I would like to share that with you right now. Introducing traffic intensive, the five part system for getting a steady stream have new customers to your business.

As you can see, there is also a visual representation of the product that's clever because we are used to pay for tangible things, items that we can see and touch in most cases. However, in the digital world knowledge is an abstract idea. It is not tangible. So by adding a logo, the PDF files and mp3 so these headphones prospects can see what they pay for. Next, we're going to read about the details of the program. Here is just a glimpse of what you will learn inside.

Expect many bullet points here. These are the benefits of the product, what it will do for you very powerful stuff. To achieve world class copywriting skills, you will have to learn how to convert cold features into benefits that sell this is a great place for self promotion. The second course of the copywriting series is focused exactly on that topic. The name of the course is copywriting how to convert cold features into benefits that sell. You can find links in one of the PDF files attached in this course.

I'm going to skip the bullets you can read them by yourself. leverage over 15 years of research, testing in development to get more traffic, more leads and more sales for your business. Okay, we can see the similarities. Remember that Frank Kern also talked about his experience and how much money he's made. This is not your regular traffic problem. This system will continue working long into the future.

Okay, let's get to the special offer. Three days only 80% of flash sale. Considering that they use this very system to sell over $100 million worth of products online, I kept it a closed secret amongst my inner cycle for a long time. The only time I have taught this training public was during a two day live event for students who invested $12,000 in my high end mastermind program. I've never launched the digital home study version before. But when we do make this program available later this year on my website, it will be 497 which is a complete still considering what my mastermind students had to invest.

For the next three days only, I'm offering a very special flash sale, which means you can get 80% of end full, unrestricted access to traffic intensive for just $97. That's not a typo for one single payment of $97. You can get instant access to the entire traffic intensive training that others have paid thousands of dollars to access. Plus, when you join, you will have absolutely no risk. Isn't that the brilliant framing of his value prop position. The only time I have taught this training publicly was during a two day life event for students who invested $12,000.

In my high end mastermind program. Do you remember the question prospects have? How do we know that what I'm paying for his work a lot more than my investment? Well, not only does he address this question, he violently attacks this question. And this is what you should do as well. And after all, that, when they read that the program costs only $97, that sounds like I'm getting not 10, but 100 times return on my investment.

Use this program for an entire year. And if you don't start getting new customers, I'll give you a full refund. I'm so confident that once you start using this system in your business, you will get more new customers than you thought was ever possible that I'm going to guarantee it. It does talks about the guarantee here, click the Add to Cart button below and let's get started today. The timer is here the big orange button Add To Cart as you can see, he put a lot of emphasis on the button. It attracts attention you cannot miss it.

This is a limited time offer. Get your program now before time runs out. direct response copywriting. Everyone wants us to act now. Not tomorrow, not after we think about it. Few scripts here.

If you want to get more paying customers for your business, then take advantage of this offer risk free today. Hurry, this 8% flash sale ends soon. Add To Cart there is even more emphasis on the Add to Cart button. The gray background helps for that and as a second call to action in fact. Okay, let's summarize. Number one crystal clear communication he communicated everything perfectly well.

Number two urgency it's a flash sale limited in time. There is even a timer. Number three brilliant attention grabbing headline diva hundred million dollar traffic system. Number four outstanding value proposition perfectly framed. This is the part where he excels. The only time I have told this training publicly was during a two day live event for students who invested $12,000 in my high end mastermind group number five crystal clear calls to action.

Click the Add to Cart button below and let's get started today. Number six big noticeable orange buttons that you cannot miss. So the design amplifies the message which is the general purpose of a good design in marketing Number seven visual representation of the product. You can see what you pay for. Number eight, risk removal device use this problem for an entire year. And if you don't start getting new customers, I'll give you a full refund.

Number nine, a lot of benefits turned into bullet points. He answers the question, what's in it for me? You've probably noticed that Eben Pagan didn't use video or written testimonials for his sales page. That was his choice. It wouldn't hurt to have one or two. But you should know that he can afford not having a testimonial because he has built a huge authority in his market.

And most of the people in his market know who he is. Just type his name on Google and you will see he's all over the place. However, I would assume that you're a beginner. So I strongly advise you to have a genuine video testimonial on yourself page This lecture is getting terribly long according to my standards. But finally, I think I decipher the framework he used for his copy. And I would like to share it with you so you can use it and achieve some great results.

Really quickly. attention grabbing headline that promises domain benefit. Are you writing these down? Go ahead and do it. I did the heavy lifting for you. How are you smiling right now?

Very good. Number two, set up a common problem your target audience has the problem in his copy is how to get more traffic. Number three, tell a story that builds credibility and trust. How you started doing what you're doing. You tried really hard in the failed, you need to dramatize here, then you accidentally discovered the secret to success. It was your personal breakthrough moment.

You created the product Blueprint System. out of your discovery. Number four you introduce your product is the result of the problem you set up in step two. Number five, you build massive value present your irresistible offer use framing and bonuses and incentives. Number six, remove or reverse risk. Number seven, summarize your offer.

And finally, number eight, ask your prospects to take action. Now. This was the framework if you want to use it for yourself later, go ahead and do it. That was the end of the course. Thank you for first enrolling and second completing the course. You're in the top 5% as I've already mentioned, and I expect to see some great results from you.

Feel free to share your source page with the community for feedback. And I really appreciate your reviews. They really help in motivate me as an online instructor. If you haven't left one, go ahead and do it. Right now and I'll appreciate it. It will take you just a few seconds but it will have huge impact.

Thank you again, my name is floody Morocco and I'll see you in my next course.

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