Writing & Testing Your Powerful Headlines

5 minutes
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Writing a headline for a sales page of a digital product is much more time consuming than writing a title for your blog post or social media post. The golden rule to writing a great headline is to write many headlines. And this is what I mean by time time consuming, writing, testing and picking the best headline for your target audience. So far, you've learned the ultimate purpose of a headline, nine styles of headlines, we've spent a good amount of time on power words. Plus, you've probably already downloaded my secret weapon, the 257 word power word list, which I use every time when I write a headline or marketing copy. Moreover, we've learned 10 tried and tested formulas that you can tailor to your liking.

So you're armed to write many different styles or types of headlines and restricting yourself to only one headline would be considered as bad management of your knowledge. The golden rule again, to write a great headline, you must write many headlines. And you may say, Vladimir, you've been teaching us to be specific in our headlines. What do you mean by saying many headlines? Okay, thank you for that great question. It really depends on the project you're working on.

If you write a blog post, you might write around three to five headlines in pick your favorite without doing too much testing. But if you write a headline for a sales page that you're going to be driving a lot of traffic to, you need at least 20 headlines, and you need to test your favorite ones. JOHN Carrollton himself was rolled over 100 headlines for a sales page. As for your blog posts, I would like to share a resource to help you analyze your headlines. It's called caught schedule. It's free.

You can see the link here but also i'm going to include that link in the resource section. And let's see how How it works. Let's take one of the variations of a headline for this course as an example, how to write the most powerful headline in your entire life. Once the analysis is complete, you can see the headline score, I've hit 80 points out of 100, which is great. Then you have word balance for tap supports common uncommon, emotional empowers. The analysis also shows the type of your headline In my case, how to end the linked characters in word count.

And finally you have Google Search preview and how it will look as an email subject line. It's fine to use cost schedule for your blog posts in social media headlines, but still do not underestimate your own judgment. After all this subtle that has been made by people who said specific criteria do not rely on cost schedule for important projects because it is not designed to for that. Now let's talk about testing. If you have an email list, you can perform split tests, commonly known as a B testing, you separate your email list into three segments to small and one big segment. Then you pick two of the headlines you think have the highest chance of maximum performance in use them as subject lines.

Observe the results, which is the headline that got higher click through rate. Once you identify your winner, go ahead and send your promotional message to the big segment. If you do not have an email list, you can run Facebook ads. You don't need a huge budget to decide which ad gets more clicks. Plus Facebook ads are a great traffic source. I might go a little off topic here, but I think it is important to know huge mistake many marketers make.

Since traffic can be expensive. You need to direct it to the right place. This is not your website. It is not your blog post with highest engagement, it is not your paid offer. The one and only place where you need to send traffic is your squeeze page. This is the page where your visitors, your prospects have two options.

First, to opt in in your email lists for a free product, or second to leave the page. Once newly acquired prospects are in your list, you have a chance to follow up with them build a relationship, and only after that, to present your paid offer. Similar to Facebook ads, you can run Google ads, same principles apply here as well. Let's recap. The key to come up with a great headline is read many headlines. Some headlines are more important than others.

Therefore, they will require more work in testing on your site. Example, you can easily jot down a few headlines for your next blog post and analyze them through cost schedule. This will probably take 10 To 15 or I don't know, maybe 20 minutes. However, for a sales page, you need to spend more time creating headlines and then testing them through one or more of the methods I mentioned in this section. For testing headlines, you can use your email list to small segments one big you can use Facebook in Google ads as well. Thank you for watching Good luck with your headlines and looking forward to seeing them in the project assignment area.

See you in the next lecture.

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