Examples And Your Project

5 minutes
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Hi. Remember I told you that one of the reasons why I like pass is because you can apply this framework or formula at any length of marketing copy, or story. If you are one of those people who don't like to share their personal story, that's fine, you can still use the past framework. And now I want to give you examples of the application of bass and its flexibility. bass is also perfect if you need to write Facebook ads, Twitter ads or Google ads. The examples I'm going to share with you are written by Damien Farnworth in his block that copy bot.

Here is the first one, insecure, don't worry, you're not alone. However, stay that way in you will never accomplish anything of significance. Fortunately, there is a book called insecure no more that will teach you how to be confident in rageous in just 30 days by now, the problem people feel insecure, agitate. stay that way in you will never accomplish anything of significance solution. Fortunately, there is a book called insecure no more that will teach you how to be confident and courageous in just 30 days. And then nice call to action by now.

That was a great example. And remember, you can adhere to the main formula, but in the same time, you can expand it if you feel a need. That depends on the results you want to get. For longer copy, it would be nice to add the concept of social proof and stronger call to action. That's what I mean by saying flexible formula. Let's move to the next example.

Or short sales copy for crazy eggs, heat map tool. Losing visitors, every website loses visit. But for you, every person who bills is lost income. And it seems like things are getting worse. If you want to stem that downward spiral, then use the heat map to make Crazy Egg to optimize your site based on your visitors usage patterns. Again, opening with a question, losing visitors.

That's the problem. agitate for every person who bells is lost income. Heck, nobody wants to lose income. Check out the following centers. It seems like things are getting worse, he agitates further solution. If you want to send that downward spiral, then use the heat map to make Crazy Egg to optimize your site based on your visitors usage patterns.

Got it? Good. Now, let's have a look at one more example where the past framework is expanded here is a promotional blog the product they sell is called sight sensor. As you can see, there is a good amount of info here in comparison with the short versions of paths. Here is the problem part. Any of this sound familiar?

Again, opening with a question, or in this case a few questions. You find out your site has been down for over an hour from cranky people on Twitter, in Facebook. What about missing out on that time sensitive Request for Proposal because your email server wasn't pulling new mail is your payment processor down right now, and you don't have a clue because the rest of your site is up and it looks fine, but no one can buy. As we discussed in the lecture, who you should write your story for. You have to have a good understanding of the problem your product solves. You should try to see the problem through your prospects eyes.

It would be helpful if you find out more about the problem by reading comments on social media channels. Because the better you understand the problem, the more empathy you can put into the copy. Next, the agitated part. When we scroll down a little bit, you've got some great bullet points here, but I am looking for a specific sentence. Okay, here it is. Think about it.

How much money do you lose when you don't realize your site is down? When you can't take payments, when your search engine rankings suffer because of some stupid thing that no one noticed. loss of revenue, lower search engine rankings, that's more than terrible. And finally, the solution part monitor any site and all those other mission crucial internet functions for $2 a month. Yes, that just two bucks a month on our channel. Fortunately plan, choose our annual plan.

And it's even less than that. I'm pretty sure I can get you an excellent return on those $2. And as always, we guarantee it. And that's how the guys from copyblogger utilize the past formula in a more expanded way. This is what I call flexibility.

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