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3 minutes
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Hi and welcome. In this lecture, we'll be talking about another important element of your offer that would convert your hesitating prospects to buying customers. We're going to be talking about bonuses, you must include bonuses in your offer. The reason for that is because it will increase the overall value of your offer people like it when they buy something to get three things. But there are two rules to keep in mind when you add bonuses or incentives to your offer. Here they are.

Rule number one, your bonuses have to be relevant to your main offer. I've seen so many people selling online, doing a terrible mistake and throwing five for seven or 10 bonuses that are not related and do not support the main offer. So rule number one is relevancy. For example, I sell a course that's helping people How to create and launch their first online course. I give away a free bonus, another course on writing powerful headlines and descriptions, because these really are the most important factors of a successful course. Rule number two, don't sell your product in bonuses as a packaged price.

Only sell your main product and giveaway the bonuses for free. I know it may sound common sense, but I've seen all kinds of offers. For example, your product costs $200 and you're giving away two bonuses $50 each. You can mention the value of your bonuses, but do not mix prices with the main offer. Don't tell that your main product costs $200 and the two bonuses costs $50 each so your prospect has to pay $300 instead, let your prospect know that your main offer cost $300 in if they sign up today. They will get To read bonuses worth $100 your prospect should know that your product costs $300 with or without the bonuses.

So rule number two, always sell your main offer in giveaway the bonuses for free, you can mention the price tag of your bonus to increase the value proposition. By the way, in the previous lecture we talked about urgency, right? Let me give you a hint, I told you to be creative. Why don't you use urgency and bonuses for optimal results. When you release your offer, you can say something like this. If you sign up in the next 24 hours, you will get to incredible bonuses worth of $100.

After that, you will still be able to sign up but the bonuses will be gone. This is how you add bonuses that are limited in time that will cause your prospects to take action quickly. And finally, you might be thinking what kind of bonus assist you should be offering. Here are some options for you to consider checklists in a PDF file, Video Course audio course cheat sheet. Again, it can be a PDF file, private Facebook membership group 30 minute Skype call with you. And again, show some creativity.

Come up with great bonuses, but always follow these rules, relevancy and packaging, or all these give your bonuses for free. And finally, don't give away crap bonuses. If you want to build authority, you need high quality content. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next lecture.

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