BONUS - AIDA Integration Plus Real Life Example

6 minutes
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Congrats, your headlines now grab attention and prospects want to read what follows, huh? It's all good for now. But how do we know what to write next you may ask? Listen. Even though my course focuses on writing headlines is a bonus, I'd like to give you a framework for writing the body copy. I'll point you in the right direction.

Because to become a copywriter, you will need to dig deep into into the topic and read the best resources available. I promise, I'll share every valuable resource I know of but you will have to do the reading. And just to mention, I'm not an affiliate for any books or websites I recommend. Let's get started. One of the oldest and most famous frameworks is Aida. It's not the only one you can find many frameworks but hida is a great place to start a decent remediation, and I'll explain each letter plus L give you real life examples with the marketing copy I wrote for my course on online teaching.

A stands for attention, I interest D desire, a action. In the very beginning of your copy, you should grab the attention of your prospects. Therefore, you should use what's called a hook. It might be questions or a statement. Do not just rely on your headline for the attention part of either. Example, do you want to generate best income in an absolutely legitimate, honest way?

Can we had enough of shiny objects promising you to magically make you a millionaire? Do you want to teach online have thousands of students praising you on a daily basis that your courses have solved their most urgent problems? Do you want to build your social network to the next level? I've got students from 128 countries and I made enormous amounts of friends and business partners. If your answer is YES to even one of these questions, This email will knock you off your feet. Hey, Vladimir here.

And this is the first part of the copy the hook part. Next interest. In this part of the copy, you shouldn't be talking about other people's interests, not yours. Usually this is the part where you write many bullet points. Each bullet point is the benefit of your product or service, not a feature. features are what gets you excited.

Benefits are what get your customers excited, very famous example, storage of one Giga of mp3. That's a feature versus 1000 songs in your pocket. That's the benefit. There is the same features tell but benefits. So therefore, you have to convert all of the features of your product or service into benefits. For my copy, I wrote five bullet points because the ultimate strategy I present his five steps Go ahead and download the example PDF with the whole copy and read the bullet points yourself.

I'll read only the second bullet. Number two, create your online course in the easiest and fastest way. To be completely honest, there are different ways to produce content for an online course. In this section, I'll teach you the fastest and easiest way. Remember, people want results fast, they don't want to work hard for them. Plus, you don't have to buy any equipment to get started because I provide you with free resources to help you do the work.

The reason I say that is simply to kill on objections prospect may have such as well I like the idea of online teaching, but I don't have $1,000 for a good microphone and camera. I mean, there isn't any other business like online teaching because you can start with no investment upfront. That sounds appealing. Next, you need to evoke desire for the product in your prospects mind. This is the place where you paint pleasing pictures In your prospects mind by using sentences such as imagine what it would be if you had or just picture yourself for a moment having or doing something desirable example. Please picture yourself for a moment hitting 10,000 students from all over the globe or grateful to you.

How would you feel about that question mark. Imagine having friends from all over the world who are open to go on a business venture with you because they trust you. And you have the opportunity to achieve all that quickly and easily by taking my course to save yourself hundreds of hours of hard work in built a solid student base that is eager to enroll in your next course. And finally, you need to ask for action. You must have a call to action in the end of your copy. What do you want your prospects to do next to buy to subscribe to enroll etc.

Tell them exactly what you want them to do. Do not be shy in this regard. mistake people make is they don't have clear call to action agenda their copy, try to connect the main benefit with the call to action example. Go ahead and click to take this course button on the page that will open when you click the link. Stop overthinking, there is no need. After all, what's the worst thing that could happen?

You enroll in the course and for some reason you don't like it, you can get your money back with a click of a button. However, I highly doubt it because so far out of over 1000 students nobody requested refund, which is indicative of the high quality you will get. By the way. 30 days is enough time for you to launch two courses that will cover your investment multiple times in the near future. I'll see you inside the course to your success. Let me write this copy is from a promotional email.

But if you do a sales page, you will try something like go ahead and click the Add to Cart button. And here is how to connect the main benefit. Let's say you teach a course on influence. You could try it, go ahead and click the Add to Cart button to become almost instantly 10 times more influential leader than you currently are or something of that source. I hope you got the point. Okay, that was a short and to the point explanation of a leader, it would be helpful to download and read the PDF with the whole copy.

Thank you for watching. My name is William interactive, and I'm looking forward to seeing your headlines. Bye for now.

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