The Place Where You Should Write Your Benefits For Optimal Results

3 minutes
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Great job so far, you know the difference between a feature and benefit. You know how to convert features, facts, characteristics into benefits that sell. You understand the importance of specificity in marketing and copywriting in particular, you're aware of the letter of abstraction. It's all good for now. But you might be thinking, where should they put the benefits in my sales copy once they have them? I'm glad you asked.

This lecture will show you exactly where to put your benefits. First of all is a copywriter. You should have a framework for writing copy. If you use a framework for writing marketing copy, you know, that either is actually abbreviation A stands for attention, I interest D desire a action, you should try your benefits in the interest part. It's a good practice. Write your benefits in the form of bullet points, make them sharp.

In short, you know what I'm talking about. Let's see some old school examples. And when it comes to copywriting, you don't need to look for up to date examples. Someone here is trying to sell a report that teaches you how to make money in your spare time, but using classified ads. The ad was written I don't know, maybe 2530 years ago, but the same principles apply today. And here we go.

The method is going to teach you how to select the best profitable product or service to sell. How to write a blockbuster ad, how to get the most of your money in your classified ad, how to select the best magazines in newspapers to run your ads, how to respond to the inquiries that your ad brings in how to predict your ad response. How to intensify the response to your classified ads How to Turn your customer list into a big goldmine. How to make $900 profit each and every month in your spare time? Did you notice something here? All of these benefits are in the form of bullet points.

They use the same structure how to which is quite effective even today and it is perfect for beginner copywriters. Plus, all these bullet points are specific how to make $900 profit each and every month, not how to make money. The advertiser doesn't talk about how many pages the report has, doesn't talk about hardcovers in specific type of ink and so on. You can go ahead and try the same with your marketing copy. You can even use the same structure how to plus verb plus something desirable. Okay, you've learned everything you need to know in order To convert gold features into benefits that sell now, you will have to do your project assignment.

Go ahead and watch the next lecture for clear instructions. Thank you for watching.

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