Three Rules When It Comes To Writing A Marketing Story!

4 minutes
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Hi again. Now I would like to share a few rules to adhere to when writing your personal story that sells. Rule number one, simplicity. Your writing has to be simple, easy to read. It has been scientifically proven that simple is more convincing than complex. For that reason, you should be using simple words, sentence structures in simple logic.

Be specific and talk about concrete tangible situations, examples and ideas. The more abstract ideas you use in your writing, the less likely it is you and your prospect will be on the same page. reduce the level of abstraction so your prospects understand everything of what you say. A good tip here. If you're going to use abstract ideas such as love, happiness and hope, explain the abstract idea which tangible terms, or in other words, your communication is moving up and down the ladder of abstraction. And I've dedicated a whole lesson of this topic of this concept.

I call it the holy grail in marketing. Flipping, give you an example, because even the explanation went abstract. And then I saw her the love of my life. She was 180 centimeters tall, blonde, curly hair, blue deep eyes in white skin. Allison 180 centimeters tall, long curly hair, blue, deep eyes and white skin. Now you've got an image in your mind about the love of my life.

This is a phrase which is quite abstract. Did you see what I did here? I used an abstract idea the love of my life, but included concrete tangible details, the paint picture in your mind, and you understand my message. really powerful stuff here. Rule number two, no matter the plot, the subject you write about, you have to remember this stories are about how you felt. stories are about emotions.

And with Rule number two, I want to kill an objection here because people often say, but Vladimir, I don't have an interesting story to tell, or my story is not worth sharing. That's a huge misconception. Everyone has a good story to tell, because the key is not in the plot itself, but in the emotions that your story triggers. That being said, it's important, what you say, but it's even more important how you say it, or in our case, right? It's not that much a matter of I achieved that. But how it made you feel once you achieved it.

What that meant for you. Talking about emotions leads me to rule number three. Don't be boring. Number one reason why people don't read any written material is because it is boring. If you make your prospect bored, they will not wait until the end of the story where you have a call to action for them, you reveal the solution. That means fewer cells and less money respectively.

Having a good story to tell is great. But you should also use what's called emotional power words. A power word is any word that carries its own emotional kick. My favorite example is the word humiliate, or humiliation. Now, we don't just hear that word. We feel it.

Most of us at some point in our lives, suffer humilation. You need to make sure you load your story with powers in your reader won't be bored. Thank you for watching.

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