Annihilate Boring Headlines By Adding Power Words

3 minutes
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Nobody wants to spend time reading something boring as hell. And that's the main reason why people won't read any piece of text. Even if you have the most valuable information to share. If you do it in a boring manner, prospects are not going to wait until the end of the lecture or article. An easy way to pump up your marketing copy in general, and ensure it is not boring is by using power words. I want to make something clear.

Most of the headlines you will be writing should incorporate at least one or a few power words. I'll give you plenty of them. But first, let's see what a powers is. A power word is any word that carries its own emotional kick. Take the word humility. It is an example.

Most of the people have suffered humiliation at some point in their lives. And it's hard to read that work without stirring up your emotions. Let's get back to the headlines we've already discussed. amazing new golfing discovery instantly cures every problem in your swing and mold you with so much power you will hit the longest, strongest straightest shots in your entire life every time you just look at how many power words john used in this headlight. amazing new discovery instantly you your power in entire life, or Here is another one. embarrassingly simple secret instantly unleashes the explosive power hidden in your T shirts without adding a single thing to your string.

Again, embarrassingly secret instantly unleashes in explosive power. And let's see one last headline by Gary Halbert. The amazing dad secret of a frustrated clever housewife. What are the three powers here? You'll get them right. Amazing secret in frustrated.

Now I would like to read 27 of my favorite powers that you will be frequently seen in headlines and you must use. Here we go. Instantly powerful domination, embarrassment. Amazing, anally, devastate, discover, reveal profitable, outstanding, massive, free, limited, lavish, filthy, rich or filthy riches echolocation, humiliate ultimate, incredible. Astonishing, urgent, destroy secret, accidental, ignored. In extremely.

I've prepared a PDF file with a total of 257 powers. I even gave that PDF file a headliner name. Here it is discovered give me In 257, powerful words to pump up your marketing copy and leave your prospect under total submission. Can you recognize the powers I used in the headline? Is there a touch of curiosity in the headline? If you can answer these two questions great.

We've done a great deal of progress so far. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next lecture.

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