The Difference Between Features And Benefits

7 minutes
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In marketing, you need to be able to communicate to your target audience in the right way. So the more you know and understand your ideal customer, the better his writing marketing copy, you will be before writing marketing copy, you'd better spend some time finding out who your ideal customer is. And there is a concept right now going on the internet. Your customer avatar, I think Eben Pagan coined the term which basically means that you're looking for the commonalities in your customers and then you create your ideal customer, you communicate directly to him or her. You need to talk to one person and you should forget the corporate voice. Here is a general advice, marketing communication.

You talk to your prospect about the benefits of your product that will help them solve their problem or get the result they want. You talk to your prospect about the bank If it's of your product that will help them solve the problem or get the results they want. And this is the kind of mindset you should have when writing marketing copy, you must be talking in terms of your prospects interest, you should be able to translate value. For example, your product, here's a cool feature, but you should explain to your prospects what this feature means. What it does for them in this how you convert a feature into a benefit. And of course, this is simplified version.

A classic example, if you try to sell a car, you'd probably go and say, Hey, this car has an air conditioner, but that's a feature. The benefit on the other hand would be during the summer you can drive the car comfortably with the windows rolled up without sweating, or in a whole sunny day. You go in the car and for an X number of seconds the temperature will be exactly as you want it. Again what it does for the prospect you'd be able to So much more products. If you concentrate on the benefits your product or service does and explain them in the clearest possible way, do not let your prospects to interpret, Be specific. So, the difference, a feature is a characteristic of your product or service.

For example, this online class, the format of the lectures is video. It goes with PDFs, high quality of instructors voice five lectures. Yeah, that's all good. But you didn't enroll in my class because of these features or results. A benefit on the other hand, is what your product or service does for your prospect. You enrolled in my class because of what it will do for you.

It will teach you copywriting skills that you can instantly apply and start selling more of your products. Converting features into benefits is the key to persuading your prospects to buy to take action. A quick note here, there are different types of customers, for example, in the technology industry, if you try to sell an apple to an experienced web developer, they would be much more likely to respond to the features of your product, then to the benefits. I did a little experiment. As I mentioned, I work as a marketing manager, and we were a team of 15 people. I went to one of the youngest and most experienced web developers and I told him about the airport and how fascinated I was by Apple's marketing in general.

I gave example to clarify exactly what I meant, and I shared the following. See, Julie, really like how Apple's marketing department talk about the benefits of the products and not the features. I think this plays a huge role in their success. For example, when they introduced I bought the message was 1000 songs in your pocket, which is a better If people don't care that much about the storage in gigabytes, they care about what the storage does for them. It allows them to have 1000 songs in their pocket. Man, this is brilliant.

That was quite enthusiastic explaining this. And to my amazement, here is the response I got, huh? I kind of don't like it. And I said, What? Why, how come? Joe said, well, they see how many songs I can have in my pocket, but they don't tell me how much storage they have, what size the song is, and how they calculated that.

Hmm. At that moment, it dawned on me, we really need to know who our customer is. Otherwise, we are running the risk of applying marketing concepts, which will have very little to no effect. Most of the time, this will not be the case. Most of the time talking about the benefits of your product or service will lead to a sale. So again, the features of your product or service are characteristics, video, PDF report, ebook, five chapters, three modules, etc.

The benefits of your product or service are the results your customer experiences. And this is the key word here results, what the product does for them. So you should be crystal clear about the results or benefits your prospect is seeking. Now, I would like to share with you two of my favorite phrases when it comes to copywriting in benefits specifically, features are what gets you excited, the creator benefits are what get your prospects excited. And the second one features tell benefits sell. I know this sounds simple, but think about it.

Features tell meaning you get information about characteristic Have a product. That's good, it's okay. But benefits sell because these pieces of marketing copy hit our emotional buttons. They get us excited. Cosmetic manufacturer Charles Revson said in the factory, we make lipstick in the drugstore we sell hope. Again.

In the drugstore we sell hope we sell the idea a woman would look more beautiful, more attractive to the opposite sex younger if you will, because we connect beauty with youth. I hope my explanation was clear enough. Sometimes even copywriters don't get the difference between features and benefits, right? But I want to make sure you got it. Thank you for watching. I'll see you in the next lecture where we'll be talking about converting features into benefits.

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