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Hey Skylar Dean here peak performance coach and I'm super excited to have you here today I wanted to record this video to give you a brief introduction about the creating your perfect morning routine course. So this program is really going to help you optimize your daily schedule. If you are a high achiever high performer, if you are kind of hungry to build more healthy habits, or if you're just looking to squeeze more out of your day, this program is going to help you really improve your sleep, optimize your day and allow you to have the energy and focus needed to wake up early and perform some sort of a morning routine, right? morning routines are so so crucial because they help you have more energy. They help you build consistency. There was a study done on customer service workers where people who came into work in a good mood ended their day in that same good mood.

And people who came into work in a bad mood ended their day in that same mood. So I have a huge saying that I like to say it's called set the tone. Having a morning routine really helps you set the tone for more productive, more positive The day. So if you are interested in creating morning routine, if you struggle with waking up early, and you want to just learn how to do that, this course is perfect for you. So I'm super, super excited to have you here. The cast summary of this program is number one, you're going to learn about nighttime routines, how to end your day to optimize your sleep, right to really get the most out of your night and to prepare for your next morning.

And then also some key morning tweaks that you can make to get up on your first alarm. Right. If you're a major snooze addict, like I used to be, it's really tough to wake up on that first alarm. But this course is going to show you how to do that. It's also going to show you how to optimize your mornings right how to have the most energy the most focus and basically how to squeeze the most out of it. Along with that this program is going to show you how to make the transition.

Right if you've ever tried to wake up early before you may have had that like 2pm slump maybe a little earlier maybe around noon. This is going to show you how you can make that change to a morning person. without experiencing those effects of really burning out by midday. And then the final thing this is going to help you do is get up on your first alarm, which I kind of touched on. But I'm super, super excited about because I used to be a snooze addict. But this program is going to give you a couple tools that are going to help you get up on that first alarm.

And they're kind of unique, they're kind of helpful, but it's really, really a strong way for you to improve your life. So if you're interested in the course, let's go. I hope you enjoy it. And if you ever need to connect with me, you can find me on Instagram at early risers movement, you can shoot me a request there, or I'm sure you can reach me through this course platform. So I appreciate you for being here. I hope you're excited for the course and let's get into it.

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