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Why Wake up Early?

12 minutes
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Hey welcome back. Thank you so much for tuning back in. I hope you enjoyed the previous video I hope you are fresh and energized and ready for some more awesome information. Now in this video I want to dive a little bit into why creating your perfect morning is so important. why having a morning routine is so important why having a nighttime routine is so important. Basically why we're doing this and I think this is important because most of the time when we do things it's super important that we really have a clear clear understanding of what it is that we're actually doing and why we're actually doing it.

You know the wise the strongest motivating factor you have your why you have your what you have your house. And I think it's really important that you understand the why to keep that motivating factor behind you. Because waking up early isn't easy at the beginning, we can probably isn't something that a lot of people would choose to do. But if you had the right reasons you can use that you can draw your motivation and your energy from that. So hopefully by the end of this video, you have a clear understanding of why you want to wake up early. And then we're also just going to go through some general reasons of why it's such a good idea.

So the first benefit of waking up early and having that morning routine is to increase your energy and your health. Now, these are kind of codependent things you know, the more healthy you are, the more energy you're going to have. And when you really get in that schedule of having that same morning routine, you're going to boost your energy and your health. And there's a ton of different reasons, I think the main one being the exercise that you're going to get. Now, as you'll see in a future video movement is something that I really recommend everyone gets in the morning. You know, even if it's not an hour of lifting heavy weights, even if it's just a 10 minute walk or five minutes of deep breathing and yoga.

Starting your day off on that note, decreases your stress throughout the rest of the day, and makes you feel more energetic and more healthy. Now fair warning you might not feel as energetic at the beginning. Changing your entire body clock your entire tire schedule, and it may take you some time to get used to. But once you do, and once you create that morning routine and adjust to that schedule, then you're going to notice an energy spike, then you're going to feel much better throughout the day. And when we say health, you know, I'm not just necessarily talking about physical health alone. When I say health, I mean physical health, mental health and emotional health.

Because the time in the morning will really allow you to create that schedule to do things that benefit you in that way. It'll create that time every morning for meditation, it'll create that time for exercise for journaling, deep breathing, whatever you want to do. Number one is you want to increase your energy in your health. waking up early is pretty crucial and doing so. Number two is waking up early is going to increase your productivity. And this is huge because having that uninterrupted time in the morning is so important for really being able to concentrate I started waking up early, this is how my days would go, I'd wake up, I would head to school or work or whatever that be.

And then I would want to come home. And when it was time to get homework done or to relax or to work on early risers when I was starting it, I didn't really have the ability to concentrate. I was tired from a long day. You know, sometimes friends were calling me up, my roommates wanted to hang out, my mom wanted to talk to me, all these things got in the way. But by having that time in the morning, that's a set schedule, while everyone else is asleep, you're going to be able to concentrate, and whatever you want to accomplish, you're gonna absolutely crush. You know, say you're an entrepreneur.

If you go through your morning and you have this morning routine. And then after you start your work, you've just set yourself up for a good day and your productivity and your concentration is going to increase and I kind of just led into it. But the third reason you want to be waking up early is because it sets you up for a successful day. Indeed, video I talked about priming, I talked about really warming yourself up to be able to perform at your best. And when you have a morning routine that stays consistent, it's doing the same thing and it's setting you up for that peak mind state. It's getting that meditation in to help you concentrate to help you be more present, getting that exercise and to help you be more energetic to help your metabolism increase to really feel better mentally and physically.

Having this morning routine is the anchor, it's the anchor to a good day it holds you down. There was a study done on customer service employees. And for anyone who's ever worked in customer service, you know that it is not a fun job. I used to work for the polling industry, which is not really customer service, but you deal with a lot of people who don't want to talk to you on the phone. And since they're not in person with you, they have the ability to be much more rude than they were if you were looking at a face to face. But what I learned from this is that that's the super stressful and hard job.

So the study took these customer service employees and they measured their mood when they came into work. And obviously found some people who are in great moods. And they found some people who were in bad moods. And at the end of the day, they measure their moods again. And almost across the board, what they found was that the people who came into work in that good mood left work in that good mood, no matter what happened throughout that day at customer service, no matter who was screaming at them, no matter how bad of people were talking to them and insulting them or whatever it happens in the customer service like they still left that work in a good mood. And then as I'm sure you can predict the people who came in to work in a bad mood and a stressed out mood, they left work the same way.

So when you start your day off with getting in that peaceful, relaxed, energetic mode, you set yourself up for a successful day because you're going to start your day and you're going to maintain that mood. Number three, is it really primed You know, when I started waking up early, it was so interesting because before that I had just reacted to the day. I had just taken whatever was thrown at me if my mom said something and got me aggravated, I was stressed out for most of the day, if I had woken up and I had to rush to class or rush to work, how stressed out because I was late, and then that last me the rest of the day. But by starting that morning routine, once I actually started doing that, it was so noticeable, how much better I felt in my life. Number three is it really sets you up for a successful day.

Number four is something called the slight edge. Now this is a book by Jeff Olson, which I would really recommend if you're into reading. I think I'll include a recommended reading list because I have a lot of good books that I want to get out there. But the whole idea behind the slight edge is the people who are most successful in certain areas of their life. They aren't doing major things every single day. They aren't climbing mountains every single day, they aren't building Rome in a day.

It's all about the affirmative daily action every single day. It's about doing the task and building upon that brick after brick after brick. And when people build on that, and they stay consistent, that's where the most most growth occurs. You know, it's a, it's a bell curve, it's going straight up, it starts off pretty slow progression. But every single day, the more you stay more and more consistent, it goes up and up. So this is what that guarantee alone time in the morning provides you with.

If you wake up early, and you have that time where your boss is asleep, your friends are asleep, your roommates are asleep, your family's asleep, everyone else is asleep and doesn't want to bother you. You have time to perform that slight edge to create the habits in that morning routine, that are going to really escalate your life to be that much better. You exercise every day for 30 minutes, you're going to be in much better shape than the person who exercises for two hours twice a week. If you meditate every single day for 10 minutes, you're going to be way ahead of everyone who, you know, meditates for 10 or 20 minutes once or twice a week. It's about that momentum that you build. And it's the slight edge that you build.

And I can't even tell you how big of a difference I've seen in my life from that consistent action, from practicing gratitude every day from meditating every day and doing all these things that progress you quicker and quicker. And then finally, the fifth reason that creating morning routine is so important, in my personal favorites, to be honest, is it pushes you above average. And when people do these things that are hard, it really takes them above and beyond where they expected to go. In no way is making the decision to create a morning routine and to wake up early, easy. Your bed is comfortable, I get it. It's easy to just tap that snooze button and lay down for another seven, nine minutes, however long, it's easy to stay in bed.

But when you take life by the horns and you're proactive, and you create a morning routine, and you chase that, and you push yourself to do that, you're rising above average. And if you truly want to maximize the time on this earth that you have, if you truly want to maximize your success, your health, your effectiveness and your happiness, you need to be pushing yourself above above average, you need to be using and creating this discipline. So those are the five things. Those are the five reasons that you should be creating a morning routine. Hopefully one kind of sparked your interest, something that you've never thought about before. If it did, I really recommend you write it down.

You keep that in your memory, we're actually going to do an exercise real quick called seven levels deep. And the purpose of this exercise is basically to figure out why you're doing something. So all I want you to do, I'm going to just do it quickly and then you're going to pause the video and work on it yourself. As always All I want you to do, you can probably download the worksheet to list out the numbers one through seven or print out the worksheet and put at the top. Why do I want to create a morning routine? or Why do I want to wake up early?

For number one, you're going to answer that question. And when you answer that question, you're going to ask yourself, why, again to that question. So say, you say, Why do I want to wake up early? I want to wake up early so I can create a solid morning routine. Ask yourself why again, why do you want to create a solid morning routine? Then you answer that number three, I want to create a solid morning routine so I can enter the day less stress than normally.

Then you ask why did that again and you keep going until you hit that seventh? Why? Once you hit that seventh, why maybe before? Most likely not. It might have to be that seventh, you're going to feel it in your heart. You're going to feel okay, this is the real reason why I want to do this.

And maybe you go through and you hit that seventh and you don't feel anything. If you do I recommend you start over maybe answer a different way for number one or number two and number three, but continually asking yourself why will eventually lead you to a point that really tugs at the heartstrings that really gets you emotional. And when you find that, why you do not want to forget it, you want to write it down, and you want to commit that to your memory. So please, I'm urging you just write it down. Keep it somewhere that you can see it, because over this journey, when you hit bumps, and I promise you, you're gonna hit bumps, you're gonna have days where you're sleeping, you're gonna have days where you don't feel like doing anything where you're upset, you're sad, you're angry and you just don't want to do your morning routine.

When you have those days, you're wise what's going to push you to continue and that is what is so important is finding that why and using it as your purpose of why you're actually doing this. So hopefully that shed a little more light on why you're doing what you're doing. Why you should be creating a morning routine and nighttime routine waking up early. I want to thank you again for watching. This has been a great video, I urge you, if it's not too personal, even if it is too personal, I really just want to get to know you comment below when you find your why, what is it? Why do you really want to wake up early, and I'll be responding, I'll share my own way down in the comments.

And I really, really, really urge you to do that. So thank you so much again, commit to this be ready for the next video. I'm excited for you for what you're going to accomplish. Thank you for watching. Keep killing it as always, and I'll talk to you next time.

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