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Introduction to the Program

14 minutes
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Hello, and welcome to creating your perfect morning. If you don't know who I am, my name is Skylar Dean. I am a habit and performance coach. And I'm also the founder of early risers where we teach you how to build habits to increase your happiness when each day and create a life that you're proud of. I'm super excited for you to be here. First of all, before anything else, just thank you for investing yourself in this information.

This is super important stuff that is not very well known in today's society, it's not very well practiced. And my hopes for you in this course are that you can create a killer morning routine and that you can do that by creating a killer nighttime routine. And now you can use both those routines to absolutely crush life, to get out there to be a go getter to take what you want to be who you want to be. And it may sound like that's an exaggeration, and it may sound like oh, we're making a morning routine. How is that gonna really change my life but I promise you it is In the next video, we're going to be doing the actual benefits of waking up early. So I don't want to spoil that.

I don't want to get too into that. But in this video, I kind of want to give you an introduction to the course to what you can expect out of it to why I built this course to really why it's so important. And you know, before that, I kind of want to just let you in on my story let you in on why I started this in the first place. So ever since I was young, I hated the mornings, plain and simple. My typical morning would be sleeping as long as I could until I absolutely had to get up. So if I had school, I was sleeping, my alarm would go off, I would hit snooze 56789 times, then I would get out of bed and go, if I had to go to church again, probably lay in bed till my mom screamed me out of bed to go get to church.

And basically my entire childhood I always had this idea that I'm not a morning person. I hate the mornings. They're stupid. What is this ever going to do for me? And that changed my sophomore year of high school for the first time. Buddy a buddy of mine had the idea that we should go to the gym before school so we can get into work out and then after school we just have all this free time we can just do whatever we want.

And so we did we went to the gym before school and you know I was clearly just super tired but we got out we got the workouts in we enjoy the actor, you know, obviously we didn't enjoy before. We did our best to be consistent. Of course, we missed a few days, but it felt good. You know, it felt good walking into my first period class knowing that I had gotten a workout in and most people around me had just slept in and just came into school. Then I stopped after I started my wrestling season after that, no more. The next time I picked it up was my senior year of college I was living with a roommate who was a self proclaimed morning person, and we had the same exact ideas Spring Break was coming up.

We're like we're gonna crush you at the gym. Let's go together before school starts. So when the gym opens at 7am not too early for you know People were waking up at 435, but early enough to get a good workout and feel good about it. Then I graduated college and things kind of went downhill. And at the time, I clearly wasn't happy. But it kind of puts things into perspective of how big of a change I've made.

So I didn't have anything to do. I had a security full time job. I was going to start about three months after I graduated. So those three months were spent doing pretty much nothing I would sleep in, I would stay up late. me staying up late would make me sleeping more. And basically, I just kept building these unhealthy habits, and I wouldn't set my alarm so I'd be waking up at 10am 11am noon, and then I would head directly to get some food, head directly to my couch to lay down until I went to the gym at 330 was my friend and I felt miserable.

Besides forcing myself to the gym, I just completely didn't have the energy to do anything. I was unmotivated. I didn't want to get up off the couch. I was just watching Netflix the whole time. And I did not feel good about myself. And just put things into perspective.

This was about two years ago. This wasn't that long ago. I remember a weekend where my friend texted me. And he was like, Hey, can we go to the gym at 930? Tomorrow? I texted him back.

I was like, dude, we gotta go later. That is way too early. Because I had really built these unhealthy habits, and I pushed my mornings off and off and off. And don't even mention the times where I had to get up for something where I had to set an alarm because I would set an alarm and I would hit snooze over and over and over and over, until I was really forced to get out of bed either by my screaming mother, or, you know, not screaming, she obviously just wanted me to get out of bed. And you know, all these things that I had to get done and fear of getting in trouble. And then I started my full time job.

And obviously that allowed me to build more of a schedule because I had to get up pretty early. To get to work, I think I was getting up around eight o'clock, maybe 745. And then after a few months of that, I really realized that I can start going to the gym in the morning again, because it's kind of stressful to go to work and then after work, be pretty tired but still have to go to the gym. So I wanted to swap those I wanted to wake up, go to the gym, and then get to work. And in doing so, I have probably had a success rate of two or three times a week, on average. Most of the time, I would wake up early, and I would snooze a couple times and then the thoughts start creeping in my head.

You know, you're tired. You can go after work. You can skip today. Let's just go back to bed. And a lot of the time I would listen. And I would set my alarm.

I would go back to bed and when I woke up again, I feel bad. Like why did I do that? I was tired. Why did I listen to that stupid Weak mind state. And I started relating that back to me. And I was like, I'm not motivated enough.

I don't have the drive, and I started to feel bad about myself. Then I read this book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. And this book really shifted my paradigm on what mornings can be for. You know, as of this point, I really didn't do anything besides work out. But after reading this book, I realized I can do anything in the morning. I can wake up early, I can get anything that I want to done.

And I'm not going to be tired from a long day. And I'm going to be motivated because I'm just starting fresh from last night's sleep. And I started to put these things together. So I started building morning routine. And one day I did this thing the other day, I did this thing one day, I didn't even get up I went back to bed. And throughout months of just trial and error and practice and failures and learning.

I kind of started to put more and more together about what works in the Proper morning. You know what I have to do at night to set me up for a proper morning. And I basically opened up this whole world about the importance and the power of morning routines. And through that process, I truly, truly discovered that I am a morning person. And that sounds crazy because about two years ago, I was in bed till 10 1112 I would wake up, I would not want to talk to anyone for a couple hours. I can't even tell you how many times I fought with my mom because she tried to talk to me when I woke up.

And I just did not want to say a word I didn't even want to think. And that's all changed. You know, currently I'm up anywhere between 430 and 530. And when I wake up, I'm immediately out of bed. I don't press snooze, I have energy. I go through this hour long morning routine.

I do all these things to make myself better. And I start my day off and I start with that progress and that work. under my belt, and then the rest of the day is easy. And the rest of the day is fun, because I've gotten that really integral part of my morning, out of the way. So no matter where you are in your life, you know, maybe you're in a situation where you hit snooze a ton of times, and then you finally get up. Maybe you're in a situation where you try to get up early and do your morning routine, but you find that you go back to bed.

Maybe you're you're you're in a situation where you get up early, but you're just moving really slowly. No matter what situation you're in, I promise you, you have the ability to make a change. I'm not a morning person is a total excuse. It's really just allowing yourself to shrink back into that small spot in the world. But if you open your mind up to the possibility that you can change, and that you can wake up energetic and excited about life and perform this morning routine that just allows you to crush it. It opens up a whole new world.

You start to expand, you start to be more confident you start to feel better about yourself. So my hopes, after you've gone through this course is that you truly have an understanding of the power of the mornings. It's that you have a really, really important and strong nighttime routine. And it's that you also create your perfect morning. There's a lot of misconceptions out there about how you should be sleeping about how your morning should be how your night should be. We're going to cover all of those in this course.

If you have any questions, there should be a comment box below. I hope I can do it. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it's possible. Leave a comment. Let me know what you're thinking. Let me know what your ambitions are your goals.

Let me know about your excitement for what's next comment below just to say hi, just do something down below. Let me know you're here. And I'll be getting back to you and I'll be responding and hopefully, you know, we can form a relationship along this journey. Now before I wrap up, I want to do two things. First, I want to really describe what an early riser is. Now for someone who's just hearing that term and who's heard it throughout their life is just Description, they're probably thinking that you have to wake up at 5am 4am are super early before the sun.

But to me, that's not what an early riser is. Say you're watching this course right now and you currently wake up at 10am every single day. If you pull your stuffs together and you get this routine and you start waking up at 930, and performing that morning routine, you're an early riser, you're waking up earlier than you have to you're waking up earlier than you're used to. And if you can do that, you can pretty much do anything. So not only that, but early risers also comes with a lot of other personal development type of things. You know, if you really want to wake up with energy and have an effective morning, you need to have effective habits throughout the rest of your day.

You need to be eating the right foods you need to be moving you need to be you know, filling your brain with material that gives you energy. And in reality being an early riser is a lifestyle. It really is a way of living To be able to wake up early with energy, and be ambitious enough to crush your morning routine every single day. So in this course, we have five more videos after this. The first one is going to be why you should be an early riser. You know why it's so important to create a morning routine that benefits you.

You know what that can do for your health, your happiness and your life in general. The second video, we're going to dive into nighttime routines. Now, I think a lot of people think about morning routines, and they completely forget that a successful nighttime routine sets you up for a successful morning. That nighttime routine sets you up for a deep restful night's sleep, which will allow you to have that energy in the morning. So we're going to talk about how you should be formulating your nighttime routines, what it really takes to do a nighttime routine. We're going to dive all into that world, then we're going to get into creating your perfect morning.

And this is basically throughout my two years of research on this and trial and error and all that there's some certain things Things that you should be doing every morning that will really set you up for a successful day. Their habits, their routines, their exercises, all these different things that if you put them together in your perfect order, you're going to feel a lot better, you're going to be more successful. And I need you to realize throughout this process that everyone's morning routine is going to be pretty different. You know, if I, I will post my morning routine, but if you were to try out my morning routine, you might not like it, it might not work for you, the order of things might not work, the things I'm actually doing my network. So in that video, we're really gonna dive into your perfect morning creating one for you.

After that, we're going to go into how to make the transition. When a lot of people start these things out, they get super excited. You know, maybe this video has kind of hyped you up about what's possible, what's coming, what's next. And then they dive in. And if you wouldn't wake up two hours earlier tomorrow and go throughout your entire morning routine for two hours. Maybe You could do it the first day, maybe you can do it the first week.

Maybe you could even do it for a couple weeks. But diving in is going to shock your body and your brain. And if you really want to make this a habit that lasts a lifetime, you need to approach the transition very methodically. So in that video, we're going to go into how you can make that transition from where you are now to where you want to be. And my hopes is after that you're just you're hyped up, but you're not too ambitious, where you dive into deep dive into quickly and ruin all your progress. And then finally, after that, we're going to do the wrap up.

And basically with the wrap up, we're going to bring it all together. We're going to have some tears, have some laughs everything that a wrap up usually contains. But with all that being said, that is the schedule, you know, I'm super excited that you were here once again, I'm so happy that you took this step to invest yourself. Like I said before, drop me a comment below. Let me know you're watching say what's up. I'm super excited for these next few videos.

Keep killing it as always, and I will see you in the next video.

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